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Many years ago, I was on a bus, and I was trying to decide whether a specific person was male or female. Then a pretty girl went on the bus, and I thought "if the person looks at her, the person is a girl". And the person did look at the girl, and then I saw her hands, and I could see that it indeed was a woman.

The point was that it proved to me what I had suspected, that women looks at least as much at women as men do. Maybe some of it is checking out the competition, but I think most of it is just admiring the beauty.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

I have read your newsletter for a while now, and one thing has always stuck me: You often claim to have a number of women subscribers. For a long time this puzzled me: Even though your images are simply beautiful women, enjoying themselves, their bodies, and being naked, why should other women want to look at them? It's men who like to look at women, and women who like to look at, well, not a lot really - the odd male picture but they don't seem to share the same fascination with looking at the opposite sex naked as us men do. This got me thinking as to why? The only way I could hope to answer this was to look at why I look at women, and why my fiancée doesn't really look at men.

I realised that it's maybe a primitive urge that the man is in control and hence the man is more concerned over the choice of a woman than a woman is over a man. This has developed with the internet and magasines etc into the modern day, hugely money making pornography industry. So I then looked at myself. I am engaged - I have a partner for life, so surely that urge to look at women has no longer got a purpose? So why do I still do it? It was while I was pondering this that my fiancee walked into the room, naked. My instant thought was "Wow. She's beautiful. 3.5 years together and I still absolutely love the sight of her naked body." And thus it struck me - it's the love of the sight of such beauty. Of course, your site has been telling me that for a long time anyway, but it's never really sunk in. Until now.

I asked her what she thought of me looking at naked women on the net. She said "You are a bloke - blokes do." This stuck me as an interesting viewpoint, as she had unthinkingly put me in the same class as all the other men who (mostly) just look at degrading xxx porn.

And so I did something I thought I'd never be able to do: I brought up DOMAI on screen with her in the room, and showed her what "porn" I look up. She was pleasantly surprised, and, while she said she is still not too interested in looking herself, she is now totally happy with me looking and will allow me to do so with her in the room, as she knows I'm simply admiring the delightful sight of one of Gods most radiant creations: Women. Thank you DOMAI!


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"I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your DOMAI site. For the first time I feel I am getting even more than my money's worth from a pay site.... The DOMAI site is full of beautiful renderings of beautiful women." - ROBERT ADAMS <dreamweaver40m[at]>

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