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Okay, about time again, methinks, for a reiteration of the Domai pledge, written by yours truly half a dozen years ago when this site/club was very young.

Eolake Stobblehouse

The Domai Pledge

I hereby promise:

  1. never to my willful knowledge let a beautiful girl pass without enjoying the sight.
  2. never to speak slightingly of or underestimate the importance of beauty and grace, and always support it in conversation when needed.
  3. to keep beauty near my heart and always be aware that it is what is keeping us happy and content, and much of what makes life worth living.
  4. never to let merely intellectual pursuits, important as they may be, distract me for any undue length of time.
  5. to keep in mind that beauty is a spiritual thing, no more and no less.
  6. to always keep a pure mind when seeing beauty, or, failing that, at least take pleasure thinking what I am thinking.
  7. to remember that seeing is the only form of having that is actual. Thus, what you can see you can have. The reason for possessing anything is to prevent others from having it too, a pointless exercise.
  8. to not be bothered when they go away. There will always be more.
  9. to enjoy life and what it has given me, and in return to support life and be constructive.

Letters to Domai

Its been a number of years now since i first saw my fiance. It was my first year of college, and during freshman orientation I was a little bit lost. I was attending a small school on the east coast, and being from a small town in eastern Oregon, I knew no one. Sarah was in the same orientation group as me, and was definetly one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I was immediatly enfatuated with her, but I wasn't the most outgoing of guys there. Its not that I was shy back then, but I didn't have the courage to go right after any girl who I had a crush on.

The first night after i had seen her, I got to talking to my new roommate about her and he took it upon himself to make sure I asked her out. There was an optional camping trip for about 40 of us at the end of orientation to get to know people better. To my surprise, I came back to my room one night to find out that my roommate had signed both of us up for it after he learned that Sarah was going as well.

I got to know her a little better the next couple days before the trip, and we were both excited to go on it. She was very outgoing and seemed to be getting to know everyone there, and I didn't think my chances with her were very high. That weekend on the trip however, turned out to be one of the best of my life.

I ended up hanging out with her and my roommate a lot on that trip and was having a great time. In the afternoon on the second day of our trip, Sarah and I snuck away and went for a hike. We had been hiking for about 30 minutes or so when we found an amazingly beautiful lake off the trail a little ways. Before I knew it she had taken off her clothes and was swimming in the lake. I was awestruck, and didn't know what to say. She had simply smiled at me and began to undress. No words or suggestions to go swimming, she just slipped out of them. I couldn't believe it. As she stood there, I was able to see her perfect, shaply breasts and amazing body as she slipped into the water. We weren't at the lake for more than half an hour, but it seemed like an eternity.

It has been many years since then, and we will be getting married next spring, but everytime I see her naked I still get the same feeling I did that first day I saw her at that lake.

Thanks for everything,


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"Sir, I am so happy to have found your site and happy to be a member! You certainly do have beautiful young women, tastefully photographed and NO GARBAGE! Thank you for your efforts and I undoubtedly will become a 'veteran' member" - M. Downie, Kentucky <mdownie[at]

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