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Now, personally I don't find sports all that interesting. I am more into what we can do with the mind and spirit than with these mortal vessels. But of course some sports stars are interesting by their personality or how they look. Case in point: Lauren Jackson.

Ms. Jackson poses in very tasteful nude photos for an Australian photographic Art magazine. Obviously I can get fully behind that. But like a recent nipple-incident with another Ms. Jackson showed, not everybody are that comfortable with the lack of "body armour". Fortunately there are some very sane writers around the world, for instance Nicole Brodeur. Ms. Brodeur is writing for The Seattle Times, and comment on this controversy:

"People pick up all kinds of meaning when female role models drop their clothes: The act, they say, objectifies women as a whole. It sanctions domestic violence. It shames women's sports and corrupts young fans.

"Sorry, sisters. I don't see any of that in a naked L J. I see a woman calling the shots and not making excuses. And that's got to be good for females everywhere."

Well said.

I think that the only thing worse than making somebody a victim is keeping somebody a victim. And you do that when you deny them their right to do and be whatever they want, whether it is something you agree with or not.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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