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We have two important letters this week; I'll let them speak for themselves.

Oh, by the way, I want to thank everybody for the exceedingly nice reception you gave last week's article about money. I had no idea what to expect, but I was very happy about how it turned out.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

I just wanted to write and tell you what a positive impression your site has made on me. To give you some background, I am a 22-year-old female college student (I just graduated), and I grew up in Los Angeles, CA, hating my body and always feeling like I wasn't good enough. Recently that has changed, and part of that change has involved looking at the pictures on your site.

I can see the beauty in all of the models, whether super-slim or full-figured, and I love the way they are posed mostly outdoors, in a natural setting, since the natural beauty and soft lighting surrounding the models reflects and amplifies the beauty of their bodies.

Thank you for including pictures of all kinds of girls, with small breasts and large, light and darker skin, wide hips and narrow, all beautiful and perfect in their own ways. Looking at these pictures has helped me realize that the female body, that my body, is not gross or disgusting but beautiful exactly the way it is without surgical enhancements, starvation diets or expensive lingerie. Your site has helped me have more confidence in myself and my figure and to treat my body with greater respect and care, to do my body as much justice as your photographers do to your models. So thank you :).

Sincerely, Ali

Mr. Stobblehouse, The pictures of Carrie Westcott, before and after, summarize completely the difference between beautiful nudes and pornography. Were it my site, I'd hang those two on the home page and invite any who would to compare. I'd marry Carrie Before in a heartbeat; she's beautiful, cute, sweet, mischevious, stunning, and anyone with eyes can see that she is not lying about her attitudes or intentions or promoting anything. Natural and full of life, she is a treat; Healthy, whole, and thoughtful, and representative of a whole lot more women than Carrie After, at least in my experience.

Carrie Before seems to think of sex and nudity as a beautiful gift for herself and for the man in her life; a fun, healthy way to show him how much she loves him and cherishes their happiness. In fact, I could believe that her nudity is an expression of her own happiness and joy and inner beauty. I could trust her with my heart easily, she would make any man happy, and she will remain beautiful and cherished by some lucky man well into her old age. Not so Carrie After.

In fact, I wouldn't touch Carrie After with a ten foot pole. She appears to me to be a professional. A working girl. She makes money appealing to mens' fantasies, and if you are broke, she's not interested. When I was younger, I made the strip joints with my buddies occasionally, drinking and cutting up, carousing and such, but after being married to (and divorced from) a former dancer who had money and sex so firmly joined in her mind that she didn't (and doesn't still) realize the difference, I'll not likely visit another strip club again. It seems her sole motivation for being nude (and having sex) was to separate men from their money, or at least maintain the viability of her own financial worth.

Carrie Before inspires dreams and hopes and seems carefree and selfless in her life, wishing beauty for others as much as for herself. Carrie After raises questions about motives. Yes, she's beautiful, but the beauty is marred by her apparently covetous, perhaps deceitful attitude. Her eyes are cold, and she appears to be thinking about providing (something) for herself rather than loving and cherishing a good man and offering him her body as a gift. I wish more people would see the difference.

Most all of the pictures that I have been privileged to see on your site are of truly beautiful women, just like Carrie Before. They generate a response on an emotional level, rather than purely prurient. Calculated desire appears to be the furthest thing from these girls' minds. They bring back fond memories and fantasies of innocence, love, devotion, and the desire to be ones best for somebody elses' sake. Have you ever loved someone so much that it actually, physically hurts to look at them? They embody so much beauty, so much mystery, so much love that the only thing more painful than their presence is their absence.

I would love to spend time with any of the girls from your site (not that I'm asking) simply because they're real. They look like good people, fun to be around, naked or not. Sure, I'm projecting my own attitudes and experiences big time, but isn't that the reason I've written you instead of a porn site? Would a porn site care, or would they write me off as a hopeless romantic sucker destined for eternal dissappointment, deluded by dreams and hopes that simply can't ever be reality given the current world structure. I think I know better.

Your pictures evoke emotions on a much higher level than bare lust. They incite me to dream and hope and wonder about the beauty and mystery that is a beautiful woman, and while I can be as raunchy and rough as the next guy, I can't ever see me pointing out Carrie After to a friend as being a beautiful and wonderous gift to the eyes (and hearts) of man. Carrie Before? Sure. Any time. Isn't she beautiful? Thanks for the great pictures, beauties all.

Best Regards, Mike

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"I can hardly wait for each of your posts, the p.y.g.'s on your site are some of the most beatiful I've ever seen. You show the world that a naked girl should be seen as she realy is, a rare and beautiful thing. Most other sites debase the girl in some way but you never do and I want to thank for that." - Thanks, Brian <brianmorrill[at]>

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