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This week's letter touches on a, well, touchy issue. There is a balance between being a pest and suppressing yourself. I suppose these issues will not be solved until the human race as a whole is a lot more relaxed and perceptive.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai


I have been frequenting your site for some time now, and I very much enjoy it. I've also been flirting with nudism for awhile and first gave it a try last summer when I paid visit to a nudist beach about an hour and a half away from me.

I was disapointed last summer to notice the lack of bare female bodies at the beach--while there was an overabundance of the male sex. Now, my primary intentions for going to the beach were my own and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being naked with others in a beautiful beach setting, but I have got to admit my disapointed. I had no intention of parading around looking at naked girls, but a beautiful girl adds to atmosphere---even at a regular beach a beautiful bikini'd bod can really make your day.

But like I said, I still really enjoyed the whole beach nudism thing and I've returned a couple times since. Including once last week.

On This occasion I was lying down my towel before I noticed to my pleasnt pleasant surprise that there was a nicely toasted set of female buns straight ahead of me. Funnily enough, I hadn't noticed before lying my towel down, both because at first there was a guy blocking my vision and my abscent-mindedness i guess.

Within my first 45 minutes there, I watched as guy-after-guy hit on this heavily bronzed beauty. I've gotta admit, it provided a good amount of entertainment as I found myself amused by the different attempts of these men. But I very quickly found myself empathising with this poor girl who obviously wanted nothing more than to tan free of clothes by her lonesome and perhaps listen to some music or nap.

I have to admit, I'd thought of going to chat her up myself---but soon told myself not to say a word to this girl....even guys who were sympathetic were just being plainly annoying to her as well. One guy was sitting adjunct to us and his friend comes by and the friend starts commenting on how this girl ("Lisa" I overheard her name to be) has the guys all drooling over her so to speak and how he felt bad about her getting bothered. The guy sitting down said the same. But from time to time the friend would comment again about Lisa, once not-so-offhandly insinuating that if she not want to have the men all over her that she sit over by the non-heterosexual guys. The guy sitting by us told him to quiet up at this point. But after his friend left, went on talking about all those guys hitting on her and offered her a cold beer.

By the time she'd flipped sunny-side up, exposing a flat stomach and a D-or-more cupsize, I had a good deal of info I'd learned about her from hearing conversations she'd never wanted to have: her name was Lisa, she was newly graduated from college and working for a software company, she'd been there since 9am, she was single, and this was the first time she'd been to a nude beach and had learned of this particular place from friends.

During the rest of the day, guy after guy would try to engage her, despite the fact that she obviously wanted to be left alone---they'd of course comment on her lovely tan and so forth. A couple of these dudes I'd see circling back and forth. One of these guys, who was wearing a bathing suit whenever I saw him, didnt utter more than 4 syllables as he'd pass by her the 4 or 5 times which he did, before he finally sat next to her. I watched him try to talk to her as she rolled her eyes. After five minutes of sitting next to her, he got---I thought to go---but instead he pulls down his bathing suit and sits back down naked beside her. After that I went in the water and returned 5 minutes later to see that this guy was walking around wit h his shorts on once again.

Finally when Lisa leaving, someone asked "Are you going?" When she said she was, someone else in the area asked if it was her first time at the beach.

She said, "Yes and my last unfortunately." And I looked up at some of the more seasoned nudists around me who had with me watched the appalling circus show of the 50 or so horndogs' pathetic game and they were smirking and making eyes at one another. I noticed that the one girl across from me was empathising.

"It's ridiculous," Lisa was saying. "I just come out here on a nice day to be alone, and I cant be left alone. I had no idea it was gonna be like this..."

One of the men suggested going higher up by the dunes to tan. "No one bothers you there." The girl offered that she might accompany her on her next visit: " You should really give it another chance. If someone were with you they wouldnt bother you. Just bring friends. Or I would go with you if you wanted...."

As she was leaving, she gave a warm "thank you" to we sympathetic eyes around. I hadn't said anything and she'd obviously noticed me appreciating her body very much for four or so hours, but I think she recognized the fact that I'd respected her personal space.

I thought to myself, Now I know why no females hang out naked here. And I began to muse how it was too bad how we males had to hound over them so, but it would be so nice and wonderful if more girls like Lisa could populate this one. Here was a girl just looking to be alone with the sun and sand and wanting a full-body tan but has to get harassed every 5 minutes. I'm not trying to be self-righteous, I could have very easily been one of those guys had I not seen what was going on.

Perhaps when we appreciate women's beauty, we should be careful not to be disrepectful.

Sincerely, Joey

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"I just wanted to let you know that there are two bills that I will not be letting laps anymore. One is my power bill (need it for the computer) and two is my domai membership. I"ve come to fine that I need it almost as much as my bread and water. Thanks again for producing such a wonderful site." - Sincerely
Eric A <a_roc[at]

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