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One of the few things I think could be improved in my own life is that there really oughta be more pretty girruls in the buff around daily. But you know, I have things to do and so on and so on.

Well, the world is not perfect. Not yet at least. But while we wait for it to become so, at least we have to give us dreams of that kind of life.

The ancients said: the world is a product of our thoughts. And a corollary is that if we can't imagine it, it won't come about.

And that is really one of the biggest purposes of Domai: To help us imagine a world of innocence and beauty, so one day it can become real.

This is important stuff.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

Many years ago, my brother and I were staying in an apartment (slight exaggeration it was really just a room) owned by a French family who had several such rooms. In a separate apartment -- a wooden chalet -- there were 3 French girls staying , Chloe, Annie and Caroline.

All 3 girls were stunning, spoke reasonable English and were the sort of girls who were fun to be with. Naturally we flirted and enjoyed their company.

Each day the girls went off to the local beach and we went windsurfing on the local lake -- my brother was particularly keen. One afternoon after lunch Chloe came over and asked us if we would like to go to the beach with them -- my brother said no thanks -- back to his windsurfing but I jumped at the chance, an afternoon on the beach seemed like much more fun than balancing on a board in a lake.

So my brother went off and I went to the girls' place in the woods helping them to get ready to go to the beach and almost immediately my sense of anticipation increased. From the loose summer clothes the girls wore it was obvious that none of them were wearing bikinis for the beach and I was passed towels, sun tan oil and drinks to pack in a rucksack but no swimwear.

So we all piled into a very battered red Renault 5 and headed for the beach which I knew to have a naturist partition. My satisfaction increased as we followed the route to the beach turning into a car park under some pine trees from which a wooden walkway led to the beach. I knew that at the end of the walkway you turned right for the naturist part, left for the other beach.

I could hardly wait until we reached the end of the walkway and was delighted when without hesitation the girls turned immediately right and walked briskly about another 300 yards into the naturist section. Here about 70% of bathers were nude. Without much thought the girls picked a place on the beach -- in fact about 10 yards from 4 girls who I subsequently discovered to be English, 2 of whom were in full costumes, 1 topless and the other nude.

Chloe threw down her towel and without any pause quickly removed her red shorts and small white panties before slowly unbuttoning a loose shirt. The other girls laughed and said Chloe's always the first one nude, she hates clothes on the beach. Chloe looked fantastic with a stunning body without a hint of a tan line, but particularly stunning because she was so totally confident. She stood there on the beach carefully rubbing sun tan lotion into her body, obviously and deservedly proud of her looks. I could see the 4 girls to our right looking at her, the nude girl made a conscious effort not to hide herself as she had been doing

Annie now started undressing removing her T shirt and a small white bra but then stopping to take a drink from the rucksack. Caroline also was taking a drink and I could sense both of them looking at me -- I had sat down and could feel myself quivering.

It was probably only about 10 seconds but the silence seemed like a lifetime before Caroline spoke -- "you don't like to play naturist? ... we can move to the other beach?" Oh no I mumbled its great here my immediate reply. "But you are still dressed -- you must join us or I think we should go to the other beach" piped up Annie. I could sense the girls with their wicked sense of fun were enjoying this Annie slipped off her red mini skirt revealing the smallest pair of red panties (these were the days before the G string) I had ever seen.

I would but I can't I replied, you can guess why. "Mais oui", clearly the girls were not going to allow me to remain dressed, indeed I didn't want to I simply couldn't help my natural reaction and I felt extremely embarrassed. Oh well I started to unbutton my shorts whist still sitting down but seconds later after some giggling and French I didn't understand 2 pairs of hands pulled me to my feet and a third pair of hands helped my unbuttoned shorts fall from my waist. I was honestly terrified as the girls stood looking at me and I could feel the 4 pairs of eyes to my right burning into my body. I swallowed hard and stepped out of my boxers whilst the girls laughed and joked in French -- after what seemed like a lifetime but was probably only 20 seconds I was allowed to sit down.

Caroline undressed next and she too looked stunning with her perfect bronzed body. I could hardly grumble but already I was thinking what a disappointment if Annie kept the red panties on, even though they were minute, but I need not have worried -- seconds later these came off too.

Immediately she was nude Annie said "lets swim" I knew that protest was pointless and with Chloe and Annie holding both my hands we walked down the beach to the sea.

To my surprise I quickly became totally comfortable with being nude with 3 nude French girls -- it just seemed completely natural on the beach.

As the afternoon progressed I realised that the 4 girls to our right were English and we soon began to chat and they joined us. They explained that they had come to this part of the beach because Julie (the nude girl) wanted to try nude sunbathing -- apparently her first time.

Why not you I asked? All three girls looked at each other and then one said "I suppose we'd like to but we don't dare". Now it was my turn to laugh as I said "it can hardly be difficult for you -- I'm here with 7 girls". At this point one of the girls with a full bikini stood up and said why not come on lets do it. She coloured up as she whipped off her bikini top and went bright red as she removed her bottoms but then sat there with a sense of determination. The other girls looked at her with surprise before one said "I never thought" and then the other said "well if you have I guess we must" and they too joined us in the nude.

The strange thing for me was that I was now entirely comfortable with the experience -- to have been dressed would not have been more comfortable.

After this first trip myself and the French girls spent many days together on the beach sometimes meeting up with the English girls who were always nude -- they just needed to break the taboo and try it once to find how natural it feels on a beach.

Chloe, true to her reputation gave up wearing clothes at the chalet in the woods -- a truly splendid holiday and one I can remember down to the words spoken almost 25 years later.

Stephen T

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