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I get many letters with praise for the site, and even some occasionally that tells me it has changed their lives. Usually I don't put them in the newsletter, because while it surely feels good for me, it is hardly interesting reading for others, I gather.

But sometimes such letters also have something interesting and important to say, so then I use them. The one from Patrick this week is quite poignant.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Eolake,

I'm not particularly sure how to start this letter, so I suppose I will simply start. No intriguing opening, no wonderful twist of words. I suppose as I write, such verbal originality will come on its own.

I first discovered DOMAI over a year ago, amongst my wanderings among nude photos and pornographic material (note I do not say 'other pornographic material' ;) ). The first article I read was your article about innocence. While I found the site intriguing, and I remember making a special place for it in my memory, I then lost the site for over a year.

I recently rediscovered the site and found, to my amazement, that my outlook on your mission, and on the site itself, was wholly different. It was no longer "a different kind of site with pretty girls" but a place I discovered was a bastion of reason in a massive sea of insanity, a place where beauty and intellect are inextricably intertwined. I have found in you, and in DOMAI, a kindred way of looking at the world, such a wonderful, simple clarity of thought.

For those who know me well, they know that innocence is a huge part of my view of the world - I tell them that as a 5 year old child, seeing the horror of the world in my abusive step father and his equally abusive mother, I vowed never to grow up, never to lose the innocence and joy of a child that would let me love life - all life.

As I finished high school four years ago, I was at the hight of euphoria in that perspective. I had spent 13 years in school learning about the world, seeing the most beautiful parts of ourselves and who we are. I was ready to leap out into the world and take life by the horns and enjoy it, love it.

Now, four years later and having completed college, I find myself very much a jaded human being. I look at the world and all I do most of the time is feel deep pangs of sadness at the ugliness I see all around me. Looking forward now at the prospect of needing to find a job and become part of the 'working world', the 'rat race' - to GROW UP (shudders) - That sense of childish innocence wanes, for the first time in my life.

For the first time in my life I did not love life. For the first time in my life I looked out and all I saw is darkness.. the innocence is lost. I had been losing it for the past 4 years, slowly, in pieces, pieces I never noticed went away. That thought brings me to tears I cannot hold back.

One week ago I rediscovered DOMAI. I had become bored with regular pornography, as all people eventually must; as one of your articles recognizes, it is excitement without content. I did as I always do - as I read the articles, I downloaded the pictures that came with them.

And then I rediscovered the article on innocence.

As I read it, all the pain I have felt in the past 4 years came welling up again, and I remembered what I had felt my entire life - that love for life, the desire to feel joy and find beauty in the world. Finding the beauty in DOMAI (not just the girls) has set my emotions on a course I have been unable to reproduce since I finished high school, 4 years ago. I find myself again able to appreciate the simple beauty in things - not just in a pretty girl, but in all things. I have always loved beautiful things, and I find that now more than ever, that love of beauty holds me in a way it never did before. The article on innocence made me feel that maybe I could have my simple, beautiful view of the world back again.

I thank you, Eolake, for your intellect, your mission, the wonderful bastion of beauty and joy you have created in DOMAI. In my mind, that part of me that loves life - that innocent child - is still hidden away somewhere inside my mind. I have found it very difficult to touch that part of me anymore. DOMAI has helped me do that again, to make me feel like it's worth it, that there's someone and something out there worth living for, worth loving life for. You have moved me in a way that very few people ever do, and for that - I thank you.

You have inspired me to create a site of my own, a place to put such similar beautiful, simple nudes. I'm sure they're out on the internet somewhere. I want to find them and put them all in one place. :) I will let you know when my site is done. I would like to prominently feature DOMAI on the site.

I'm sure you get alot of email so you don't have to respond to my letter. I just felt compelled to email you. I like you alot, which is in itself interesting given the limited medium across which we communicate. But I do not sense any deception in you or your creations, and so - I thought you might understand how I feel. So I'm emailing. Hopefully it'll make your day brighter :)

Yours sincerely, Patrick S

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"I just want to say that I never fail to be amazed by the undeniable and breathtaking beauty of a woman! Pivotal to this is the fact that DOMAI is the crystal-clear glass through which the unspeakable beauty of a woman is made known." - Greg D