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I am a bit exhausted today, just spent the whole day yesterday having my home recarpeted, so I will leave you in the hands of two letterwriters of the week.

By the way, occasionally people find typos and so on in my writing and especially in Letters. I do a minimal editing, but I have decided to not do too thorough a job, I find it kills the excentricity of the letters and their writers. I think a bit of personality is more important than grammatical perfection, so long as it is understandable.

For instance I might kill Henri's French accent, and I think you can figure out that by "sun blow" he means "sun burn", from context. :)
[Note: this shows you how smart I am: I later learned that it was supposed to mean "heat stroke", not "sun burn". :) ]

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai, I have no idea why I am writing this right now, but I just recently aquired my first REAL camera from a grad student who was trying to sell it. It is a Nikon FM-10 SLR with 35-70mm zoom, 3.5-22 F-stop and variable shutter speeds of up to 1/2000. I am currently taking a black and white photography class (for my art major) and am really excited about the prospect.

I was sitting at PJ's coffeehouse (across the street from the college I attend) with my laptop, browsing DOMAI from a corner of the room (so as not to enchroach on anyone's right also to NOT look - it works both ways), and observing all of the pretty women as they mingled with themselves as well as the other men, and I just smiled at how much beauty there really seems to be in this world.

Unfortunately, they have all gone now, and PJ's will be closing in another half hour, but it just made me ponder... Not to say that I plan to go into nude photography, but still fun to think about in a way (not to mention my fiance would probably try to kill me if I did).

She still does not fully understand why men would want to look besides just to "get-off", or that other women would want to be seen for any reason besides "flaunting" their goods or "rubbing-it-in" that they have a "better body". I am currently at a loss of words for how to explain to her that beauty is more than just "skin-deep", but I'm hoping that maybe when she gets my old computer I gave her set up with email and internet, that I might send her the links to some choice newsletter archives; maybe even this one from me if it gets "elected".

DOMAI has literally changed my whole perspective on life, ended two years of depression, rekindled a serious intrest in ART that was almost dead beforehand, given me a higer level of respect for women, and yet despite the subject matter, still does not conflict with my deeply religious Southern Baptist convictions. "Woman" is truly the most divine work of ART that GOD ever created! Thank you, Eolake, for a wonderful site, and I pray that many more lives will be touched as mine has been.

Sincerely, Alfred J W

My name's Henri. French from Paris, I had been called to visit my old mother in Montpellier, on the Mediterranea south coast.

Those regular week-ends away from Paris were altogether difficult, because of my confrontation with the bad health of my poor mother, and nice, because of my escapes in the ambiance of warm sea, sun and beach.

My favorite place there, was a free naturist beach, close to a middle age wineyard located around an Abbey ruin: "Maguelone". Spirit on one side, nature and nudity by the sea on the other side. Visiting the Abbey on the Friday, to make some Roman statues pictures, I had a good contact with the young nice blue eyes barmaid of the place, Michele, who allowed me to get her cell phone number, and fix later by sms a rendez-vous on the parking of the beach, the day after.

Though the parking was not so large, I had asked which model of car she was driving, and was looking for a white Renault Clio.

When car arrived, half an hour earlier than said, I jumped out of my opened top rental Smart car, kind of funny black topless yoghourt box, and asked the nice driver, with a large smile, if she thought we could lie on the sunny beach, despite of the strong wind.

In few minutes, we went on the beach, right handside of the parking, and were there in the sun, lying side by side, naked like Adam and Eve, with nice conversation, large smiles of complicity which were making expect for more soon.

My cell phone rang. I asked my neighbour: "How can you call me now?"

She said: "I don't, you can see it!".

I said: "I know, but look, I have a call from Michele!".

She laughed and said: "I'm not Michele!, my name's Francoise. I was surprised by your so direct way to invite an unknown woman but just thought 'why not?'".

I explained the confusion because Michele was looking so much like Francoise, and because of the same type of car they were driving. We conveyed I'd better go back to the parking, not to be rude with Michele.

I so met Michele, on the other side of the beach, left to the parking, and had nice time with her for two hours, since beaches are quite empty in this season. I also got an appointment for a nice dinner and plus,;-), the same day.

When Michele left, I immediately rushed back to Francoise, second nice innocent nudity of the day, to show her how I could regret to have been far from her for two long hours.

She was busy that evening, and we decided to meet again, and maybe more, during one of my future week-ends in Montpellier.

I had stayed a little bit too much in the sun, and got a sun blow. Apart this, the romantic full moon night, after a nice gastronomic dinner, turned so well...

Sorry not to tell you more. I let you imagine the details of the end of this story. Just keep out of your mind any reasonable thought. All what happened was the opposite.

And remember: In life, you won't do anything without luck, but never forget to also help your luck. Believe me: It works! :-).


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