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Apropos the letter below, I realized recently that nudity or the lack of it has very little relevance to sexuality or pornography. Thinking about it, I made a little test and went on the web and checked out a random sampling of porn sites. (Man, are those boring.) Yes indeed, it was only in something like one out of five pictures that the model was naked!

What is underwear or a bikini other than little signs saying: "forbidden, don't look here?" Well, how better to make something interesting? If we want to be more relaxed and have a healthier attitude to our bodies, each other, and sexuality, we simply have to become more relaxed about nudity.

And even though we have made great strides in the last century or so, we still have a ways to go. I think there is not a country in the world, even my native and very liberal Denmark, where you can't potentially be arrested just for being nude in public*. And in the bulk of the world, it is heinous sin! We are talking about shame on the family and imprisonment or whipping, and whatnot.

Even if everything goes swimmingly, I think we probably have a century to go yet before we are out of that trap. So lets get started right now!

Eolake Stobblehouse

*I hear that Spain is an exception. Good going, let's see other countries follow suit.

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

I know you've said that religion is not a topic that you deal with, but by me being what I consider myself to be a fairly conservative Christian, your site has deeply impacted my spiritual life (and not only that, this arguement points in your favor too).

For some reason, whenever the topic of nudity is brought up with another Christian, and I mention I actually dare to look at women in their naked state, they immediately scream "Heretic!" It's just that in my opinion, their view seems to be based on ignorance. They assume that simply staring at a women without clothes on automatically stimulates sexual arousal. To be honest with you, I affirm your belief that women partially nude are much more titillating than they would be without any clothes on at all. Therefore, I believe that women in a bikini stimulate more lasviscious feelings, than they would without anything on because the swimwear accents their breasts and genitals. Heck, I'll even go as far as saying a one piece bathing suit could stir up some of these thoughts as well. Also, by being a college student, you see a lot of what these women wear to class are much more sexually stimulating to me than anything on your site.

Then, they bring up the question, "What good can come out of this?" and would then conclude stuff on your site as being pornography. Being a former pornography addict myself, I definitely can say one thing about your site: THIS IS NOT PORNOGRAPHY! During my struggles with pornography, not only would I would become extremely depressed and asocial, but it made me treat women like pieces of meat in my mind. Not only that, as I got deeper and deeper into my addiction, women were less attractive to me as time went on, and they wouldn't turn me on unless I fantasized about them.

Fortunately, by your site, and ultimately through the grace of God, just the opposite has occurred: I generally feel more happy, I have become more extroverted and sociable, and I feel I have more of a respect for women, and it wants me to thank God for creating such wonderfully beautiful creatures just by merely observing them in their natural nude state without any hint of sexualism. Also, as a result of viewing your site, women as a whole seem prettier to me, even those that formerly were not necessarily my cup of tea.

Despite the hostility I am receiving, your site has inspired me to want to be a photographer myself! Hopefully, after some time, I can master the art so that my pictures will eventually end up on your site.


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"I must say what a wonderful website this is! I am another of your growing band of women members (but my husband looks too with me from time to time!) who appreciates the beauty of other women, and how respectfully they are treated on your site. When I signed up I was amazed by the number of gorgeous quality images, and I really look forward to the updates on Mon Wed and Fri each week." - Josie <josie_1960[a-t]>