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This week's second letter writer, John, makes a good point in the middle of his letter, and one I have talked about in articles: that almost all clothing, even (or especially) a bikini, hurts the beauty of the body by breaking up the lines.

The wonder of the design of female body is that it seems to be composed almost of one single, gently curving line. This is just brilliant design. And any clothing (except a full body suit with no seams) put lines across it at many points, breaking up these lines. Grave pity. This is one of the reasons we prefer full nudes.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

This letter is in response to Christine's letter in the March 11 newsletter. Christine's letter reminded me of a significant episode in my life and the life of my younger daughter to whom I have always been very close.

My daughter has always has always been what the catalogs describe as "full-figured." Because she did not meet the Vogue Magazine standard of beauty she felt inferior and was always unfavorably comparing herself to her sylph-like older sister.

One day I undertook to teach her the very lesson that Christine in her letter sums up so well: That "Beauty really does not come in just one shape or size or height or anything else (despite what magazine ads try to tell us). The female figure is beautiful, no matter what."

The area where we live has a number of very respectable art museums. I took my daughter on a father-daughter outing to one of these museums one Saturday afternoon and I made a point of showing her the different concepts of beauty over the centuries.

It was a monumental eye-opener for her. She was especially fascinated with the beautiful full-figured nudes of Peter Paul Rubens and she began to understand that neither she nor anyone else need be "cookie-cutter shapes of the 'perfect woman' [whatever that means]" and she began to develop the self-acceptance and self-confidence that lead ultimately to acceptance by others.

Last year she was married to a wonderful man who accepts her exactly the way she is for exactly what she is, and whom I am proud to claim for a son-in-law. Oh yes, and they are both big Domai fans, just as I am. I hope that this letter will serve as a source of encouragement to parents and daughters who face similar crises.

Sincerely, Felix

Letters to Domai

It must be about 15 years ago that my wife and I were enjoying the sun at the Glen Eden Sun Club in southern California when I noticed a very lovely colored girl doing the same.

She got up from her mat, walked over to the pool, got in, swam the length and back, got out, and returned to her mat. Not an exceptional thing except that her movements were perfectly graceful, absolute perfection in motion and she was extraordinarily beautiful. She appeared to be in her early twenties with short black hair.

She was about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches in height, well muscled in a feminine way with rather long arms and legs. Her breasts were rather small but plerfectly sculpted with prominent black nipples. She gave the impression that she may have been a trained dancer, perhaps ballet. She had a butterfly tattooed on her sacro-iliac area in the standard dark tattoo color, all the more delightful in that it was darker than her skin but did not have that garish contrast that would show on white skin. I have since thought of how any clothing, even a small bikini, would have interrupted the graceful flow of her movements.

Another instance at the same sun club proved the influence of a small bit of sexy decoration on the body. A rather lovely young woman was there enjoying her day at the club. She was lovely, but not remarkably so. In the evening a dance was held and some people wore a bit of clothing and some did not. This girl showed up wearing high heeled shoes, a black bow tie choker around her neck and a tiara on her head. The transformation from young girl to sexpot beauty was astounding. With heels she was possibly 5 feet 6 inches tall. She seemed to be a bit softer and and more rounded than the black girl. She had a very light overall tan and dark brown hair, shoulder length, held in place by a small ribbon. The high heels showed off her slim ankles and the soft musculature of her legs. The resulting slight tilting of her body emphasized her firm medium sized breasts and produced a little sway backed posture. A fine example of Hogarth's S-shaped " curve of beauty". Her whole aspect, so lightly dressed, was absolutely charming and totally DESIRABLE.

From John W

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You and the DOMAI site spoil me as a member. I could not imagine being satisfied with another site such as this ever again... All the models are extremely beautiful: each in their own way. They all seem to possess a genuineness and honesty that is very appealing. They all seem approachable, the kind of women that one could talk to without feeling intimidated and the kind of women one would not feel a need to try to intimidate them. I know I have said this before but Thank You again for all the hard work you put into making DOMAI the quality site that it is. It is appreciated." - ROBERT A <dreamweaver40m[at]>