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If you sometimes enjoy photographs which don't have girls in them, then you may like my own new series, CloudScapes. One viewer said that the photos are: "Immensely relaxing. Absolutely beautiful. Majestic, in fact."
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Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

I have subscribed to your newsletter for a little while now and I truly enjoy reading the articles and see the beautiful photography.

I just wanted to say that, as I woman, I do enjoy being admired. At least when it is respectful. There have been several times over my life when men will look at me as though I am an object that exists only for their enjoyment. I find this tended to be mostly when I was a young woman. Now that I am nearing 30, am married and have a child I find the looks are a lot more respectful. They are no longer leers (often with rude or crass comments) that saw me as only a sex object, they now seem to be looks of admiration. Which I think every woman would appreciate. We want to look nice so that people will admire our beauty (not just of the body, but also of our minds and souls). I think that, as women get older, people tend to look past pure physical attraction and see what makes us beautiful people - which may be why as I age I get fewer leers and more appreciation.

I think this is also why I like your pictures. Although all the models tend to be young, you can see their personalities in the photos. It's not simply about their bodies.

thank you, Liz W

Dear Domai

I am a 19 year old girl who has suffered a lot from low self-esteem about her physical appearance. I have had battles with eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorders related to my looks... and what's more, I hated being seen as an object by men worth for nothing but sex.

I was skeptical at first when someone gave me the link to your site as inspiration for my art course, but it has helped me beyond what I ever could have imagined. DOMAI celebrates the beauty of the woman herself no matter what hair colour she has or the size of her breasts, and what's more it somehow manages to NOT view her as an object!

I find your site absolutely amazing and it really helps build my self-confidence. Thank you so much. I wish there were far more sites like this instead of porn- I believe it would encourage more respect towards women both from men and from women themselves.


[The item below I have included to show that the war for and against nudity is not over yet. And perhaps you will help a little on this one. - Eolake]

Counsel for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund have submitted four motions to dismiss the charges against retailer Gordon Lee, owner of Legends in Rome, GA. Last February, the Fund initiated Lee's defense against charges resulting from accidentally distributing Alternative Comics #2, a Free Comic Book Day book from 2004, to a minor. The anthology includes the story "The Salon" by Nick Bertozzi, which contains a segment depicting Picasso in the nude. The Fund has already spent in excess of $20,000 defending this case.

Lee was charged with seven criminal counts for allegedly violating two laws. He was charged with two counts of violating the felony of Distribution of Material Depicting Nudity or Sexual Conduct (OCGA 16- 12-81), a law that bans the unsolicited delivery of any content depicting nudity to any person in the state of Georgia and carries a penalty of one to three years in prison and/or fines of up to $10,000. One of the two counts is for handing the comic to the alleged victim, and the other is for handing the comic to an alleged John or Jane Doe. Lee is also charged with five counts of violating the misdemeanor of Distribution of Material Harmful to Minors (OCGA 16-12-103). He is charged with three discrete counts of violating the law for handing a single copy of the comic book to the alleged victim. He is also charged with two counts for allegedly giving the comics to John or Jane Doe.

The motions, written by Alan Begner and Paul Cadle, CBLDF's counsel on this case, were filed on May 2. The first motion seeks to dismiss the John Doe counts. The second seeks to dismiss both felony counts under the rule of lenity, which requires that when a defendant is charged with a felony and a misdemeanor for the same conduct, the lesser penalty must apply. The third motion seeks to dismiss the felony counts on the grounds that Georgia's Distribution of Material Depicting Nudity or Sexual Conduct is unconstitutional on its face and as applied. The fourth motion seeks to dismiss the misdemeanor counts of Distribution of Material Harmful to Minors on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional on its face and as applied to this case.

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein says, "Mr. Begner and Mr. Cadle have presented some very persuasive legal arguments in these motions. There's no question that Gordon Lee's First Amendment rights are being trampled upon, and so we're pleased to have brought such an intelligent and aggressive legal team in to defend him. We are all very optimistic that these motions will carry significant weight as we move through the pretrial stage of this case."

Hearings on these motions have yet to be scheduled, but are expected to occur in the summer.




The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has launched a series of auctions to assist in the defense of Gordon Lee. To see what's available, click on the link above.

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"I just wanted to let you know that there are two bills that I will not be letting laps anymore. One is my power bill (need it for the computer) and the other is my domai membership. I"ve come to find that I need it almost as much as my bread and water. Thanks again for producing such a wonderful site." - Sincerely, Eric A <>