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Dear Eolake - After discovering your wonderful website, I wanted to share my story...

I was seventeen, enjoying the summer before my senior year in high school. During that summer, a small group of classmates got together for a drive to a really beautiful waterfalls in Chittenango, central NY State. Jenny, one of the girls in our group, had lovely chestnut brown hair, about halfway down to her waist. She was sweet, spunky, and curvaceous. At that time I was still quite shy when it came to girls, and I definitely considered Jenny "out of my league". But she was open and friendly with everyone in our group, including me.

On this particularly hot July day, we all headed out to the waterfalls early in the day. On the way there, Dave, (the most daring of the group), announced that he was going skinny-dipping in the pool of water under the falls. We all teased Dave for the rest of the drive, questioning whether he would have the courage to actually do it. I secretly hoped he would follow through with his promise -- which would open the door for the rest of us to join in.

We got to the park and eagerly dove into the chilly water of the falls. Since it was still pretty early, we had the park all to ourselves. Dave, true to his word, stood up proudly with his swimsuit in his right hand, and dared us all to do the same. I got up the courage to follow suit, raising my swimming trunks in my hand and standing up from the water, the first time I had ever dared to do such a thing in front of others.

Jenny looked at us and smiled impishly. First she waded into water up to her neck, untied the top of her two-piece swimsuit, and then held it aloft. Much to my delight, she shyly stepped up to shallower water to reveal the loveliest pair of lily-white Irish breasts -- generous but firm, with large nipples, perked up from the chilly water. Jenny blushed as Dave and I applauded her bravery. At this she got up her nerve a second time, and dipped down to remove the bottom part of her swimsuit. She took a few steps forward to knee-deep water, where we could see the covering of dark hair nestled between the lovely curves of her hips. I could hardly believe my eyes! This incredible vision took my breath away. After a little coaxing from the three of us, the rest of the gang joined in. Within a few moments we were all naked under the waterfalls, splashing each other in the water as it plunged down from the top of the falls.

The best part of the day came after our frolicking, when Jenny came and sat down beside me on a rock, still naked, to warm herself in the sun. I gazed at her, and got up the courage to tell her just how beautiful she looked. (and I wasn't exaggerating in the least!) She told me that she sincerely appreciated my praise. Then she confided to me that she thought 'daring Dave' would keep his promise to skinny dip; but it was only seeing me join in that gave her the courage to follow suit. I was so glad that I did! The whole group spent another half-an-hour or so naked in the water or on the rocks, until we heard the approach of a group of hikers and got our swimming suits on.

Over the rest of that summer, Jenny and I visited the falls several times -- sometimes with the group, but more frequently on our own. We always looked for the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of simply being naked. Now Jenny treats me daily to the beautiful view that captivated me that first hot July day, since now she is my wife -- thanks to Dave and his crazy dare.

Joey and Jenny D.

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I am a young artist. I've been actively drawing since I was three years old, and am now an active figure drawing artist. When I started to make the transition from only drawing cartoons and still life to drawing nudes, I got some very unpleasant and discouraging reactions from my viewers--family, friends, and strangers. Some people seemed so judgmental and mean when they found out that I was drawing nudes, so that really slowed me down. But I later took back control over my sketchbook and realized that this was my ground for self expression and only I should decide what goes into my sketchbook. This revival of authority was also reinforced by the people who showed that they like my figure drawings.

But lately, though, I've been really pondering about the people that didn't like them. I found many things confusing about their behavior. I compiled a few details about many of these people: details that seem to conflict with their displays of disliking nudity:

-All were allowed to see a nude member of their opposite sex -Most of these people were young, but grown men -Many of them were teens -Some were married -Nearly all of them are admittedly sexually active

So, how can these people hate nudity? Why is it that they threw my sketchbook back at me and called me names like "pervert!" Why is that these people did not even give me art a chance? Why are they acting like this?

Regardless of how these people are reacting to my nude drawings, it is the most common case that they do not really hate the nudity. Do married people cover their eyes when they're mates are undressing? No. In fact, most of them really like what they see in nude images. So, why won't they look at my art?

This all goes back to what they are taught--what most people are trained to believe. Most people believe that nudity is an un-natural thing. Since they were children, they and the people around them were restricted to remain clothed at all times, except in the most necessary, isolated situations (like showering, etc.) Any other situation would be shameful and/or immoral. The same goes for any images. It is then where the hate and shame for nudity is sprouted.

However, as they get older, people will start to like the sight of nudity. Sadly, this is a sole sexual desire for most people. But, nonetheless, the hate for nudity usually fades, being succeeded by a pure shame for nudity. So, though the viewers may like what they see, they are usually ashamed to like it!

As in the case with my art, then, they will do whatever they can to hide the fact that they like what they see. They will resort to returning the art, walking away from me, and/or calling me names (some call me names while they're still looking :-) I am almost sure that those same people would not have a problem at all if they were looking at nude drawings on a deserted island. They're love for the nudity is well hidden there. No one will know.

Can these people lose their shame and realize how natural of a thing nudity is? Well, we usually can not do much to change the person who feels that way. But it's always important to respect they're feelings toward nudity. Eolake once told me "One idea might be to say to people before they look: 'You should know there is nude art in there, in case you mind.' " That will keep them from exploding if they do run into it.

If we do come across someone who "hates" nudity, we can hear them out by asking them why they feel that way. Then, we can give our reasons for believing otherwise (there are tons of reasons on this site, look through).

I view DOMAI as not just a nude photography gallery, but an educational webiste, teaching what we ought to know about they naturalness of nudity and the OK-ness of looking. It certainly saved me! Thank you DOMAI!


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"I have been a member of your site for about 2 or 3 weeks now, and I just want to say that I am very impressed with its content. Before, I had been looking around for a while for somewhere to see beautiful women but to no avail. Then I found DOMAI - no more searching required! What else can I say but that." - Regards, Mark