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Letters to Domai, by John

I have been a part of DOMAI as both a non-member and a member for some time now. In fact, DOMAI is my only internet membership of any kind. I have read every newsletter, including the ones before I became aware of DOMAI (thanks to the archives). Much has been said in these newsletters. Over time I have seen several recurring topics. The reason I have chosen to reach out to you is because two of the topics that you regularly cover happened to me yesterday.

The first topic is that of beauty. Pure, unadulterated, non-sexual beauty. A friend of mine and I chose to go to a local beach. It is a clothing optional beach. She had never been to one and liked the idea. Although it was midweek, the beach was rather crowded. We were both put off a bit by that fact, and it took us a while to find a spot where we would feel comfortable. After taking what seemed to be a purposefully long time to set up our spot, we started to settle in. My friend, Mia, was not immediately comfortable. She had removed her top but felt hesitant about being completely nude. I simply laid face down on the towel and closed my eyes. I was relaxed and felt it would be best for her if she saw how relaxed I was. My eyes were closed for a while as I laid there soaking up the sun.

Later I opened them. I had not realized that she did indeed remove the rest of her swimsuit. What I saw was nothing less than breathtaking. Because my eyes were at ground level and she was so close to me all I could see was her tanned, olive skin body lying face up against a powder blue sky with only a few brilliant white clouds. It was as if we were the only 2 people there. My eyes kept scanning back and forth, up and down. They followed all the way from her knees, to her neatly trimmed hair, to her flat stomach, to her breasts that pointed skyward, to her face.

All the while that my eyes were taking in this scene, my other senses were filling up as well. The smell of the sea air , the gentle breeze on my back, and the sound of the crashing waves completed this perfect scene. It was at that point I realized I just experienced a "DOMAI moment". I had seen her naked body many times before and have always thought of her as pretty. However, this time was different somehow. I was really able to see all of the beauty. The gorgeous sky, the warmth of the sun, the breeze, and the waves hitting the shore are all God's creation. It was not until these "creations" were combined with another of God's creations (the female body) that I got it. I really got it. I now truly and fully understand what your readers have been saying all along. It was an epiphany.

Something else happened that day on the beach that I identified as another "DOMAI moment". As mentioned, the beach was crowded. To my right were two young and beautiful girls. Periodically I would open my eyes and look at them. Given our close proximity, I really had no choice. I could not look away as my head was flat on the towel. At one point when I opened my eyes, I noticed one of the girls saw that I was looking. I quickly closed my eyes. As I lay there with my eyes closed I started to think about the experiences your readers have had in regard to not looking away. I wanted another opportunity. I wanted one of those girls to see me looking at them without me shying away as though I just did something wrong or indecent. However, it seemed that would not happen. A short while later they put on their bikinis and headed into the water. While Mia and I were just lying there, feeling the spray of the ocean on our bodies, it became very apparent why we were feeling the spray. High tide was on its way. A wave managed to get over the crest and soak half of our area. We quickly moved our towels back and set up in a new spot. The towels and other items that belonged to those two girls also got wet. Since the girls were so far away, Mia and I moved their stuff back as well.

After moving back a few more times due to the encroaching waters, the girls finally returned. At this point Mia and I were a good 50 feet away from them. We could easily see the apparent distress on their faces. I had to speak to them to let them know their personal belongings were not rifled through, but simply relocated. As I approached them I began to wonder how they would react to a completely naked man who had been caught sneaking a peek earlier.

I drew from my memories of DOMAI and chose to keep direct eye contact with the brunette as I walked closer. This time she was looking me over. I thought to myself that I deserved that for the earlier view I had stolen. I maintained eye contact and told them what we had done. They were put at ease immediately. As I was about to turn away and return to Mia when I decided to say one final parting comment. I thanked them for adding to the beauty of the beach. The last thing I saw were two very grateful smiles that could only mean "you're welcome". They were appreciative of the deed and the compliment as it was intended. I was elated. I realized that those two girls did not see me as another swinger trying to hit on them (they had been invited to party earlier and declined) or to get another peek but rather as a Samaritan that appreciated beauty. We saw each other as nothing more or less than what we really were. What a feeling!

In the span of only a couple of hours, both Mia and I were changed forever. I saw her differently and as a result, she saw me differently. I am truly fortunate and forever grateful for having experienced 2 DOMAI moments in the same afternoon.

While all of these events could potentially have still happened without ever knowing of the existence of DOMAI, I know I owe it to you and your readers for giving me the knowledge and power to change how I see and express my appreciation of beauty.

John S

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"I'm stunned at the quality of your site!!! I've been "online" for 3 plus years, never having spent a dime for any of the other pay sites. I had no clue what I was missing not joining DOMAI. I've only just joined and barely scratched the surface; looking forward to hours of pleasureable viewing of the beauty you offer. I'm sure to become a "Veteran"........Thank You!" - L Tica