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Letters to Domai by Jason

I was a freshman at a small college and this experience occurred during my first few weeks on campus. My brother was a senior and he also worked as the supervisor of the small fitness complex that was tucked into one end of the old sports stadium. There were a few racquetball/handball courts, weight machines, treadmills, a small sauna, and even a small swimming pool. At one time it had apparently been a busy place, but by the time I enrolled, these facilities were seldom used because a huge new sports complex had recently opened closer to the dorms. Since my brother had keys, he and his friends would work out and swim late at night after the new complex was closed.

One Friday night he invited me to join him and a group of his friends at the old complex. He met me at the stadium door since it was locked and made sure it was locked again after I entered. I was a bit surprised when we walked past a dark men's locker room until Jay mentioned that the women's locker room was closer to the pool and so the group often chose to use those facilities after hours. I was mildly interested when I heard this since I had often wondered if the girls had the same large communal shower rooms as the guys had or if they were able to shower in private stalls. As a naïve 18 year old freshman, I had no idea that I was about to find out the answer to that question and so much more.

I heard voices and laughing as we got closer to the women's locker room, and I was startled to hear that not all of the voices were masculine. I have no doubt that the look on my face was priceless when we turned into the locker room and I saw about a dozen people in various states of undress -- and half of them were girls. I looked over to the open shower area and saw two more girls and a guy completely nude and wet with soap and water. I spotted Jay's girlfriend Audrey wearing only panties and a towel around her neck and she laughed at my look of surprise as she walked over to greet me. Jay smiled at me and said "Welcome to college life."

Audrey explained that this group of friends often got together for co-ed skinnydipping parties on the weekends and that she and Jay thought that it would be a good way for me to see what college was really all about. The pool was directly accessible from the shower area and since the old stadium had no windows, the pool was completely private. They explained that the only person who might be in a position to report them was a part-time maintenance man who did some security duties on the weekend, and he was apparently very willing to keep the secret.

I remember being totally mesmerized as I watched more of the guys and girls undress, shower, and race for the pool. Audrey asked me if I was ready to get wet, but as I pulled out my swimming trunks, she laughingly stuffed them back into my sports bag and informed me that "the only suits allowed on these swim nights were birthday suits." As I watched her slip off her panties, I am sure that my apprehensions were obvious. I had never been naked in front of a girl and as often as I had fanaticized about the possibilities, I had never come close to seeing a girl naked in real life until this moment. I somehow found the courage, and in a few minutes, my heart was pounding as I stared at Audrey and two other naked beauties standing under the shower heads just a few feet from me and my older brother.

That night was magical for me. We played water volleyball and games of "water jousting" with girls on our shoulders. A few of the regulars had been on swimming teams in the past and they showed off some dives as the rest of us watched from the edge of the pool. I kept thinking that this whole experience was like the pool scene from "The Last Picture Show," except that I was right in the middle of the scene.

Needless to say, I made sure that I was invited to more of these co-ed swimming parties during the year, and when I finally found a girlfriend of my own later in the year, I was able to convince her to confront her inhibitions and show off her own beautiful birthday suit for us. Those nights are still among my fondest memories. What made them especially pleasant for me was the fact that I never witnessed any lewd behavior or inappropriate conduct. These guys and girls were simply good friends who felt confident enough about their bodies that they were able to shower, swim, and relax in the sauna completely nude without shame or need to cover themselves. In the years after I graduated from college, the only places that I have experienced similar sensations are the few naturist resorts and nude beaches that my wife and I have visited. Each time we visit, I think back to the wonderful feelings of freedom and contentment that I experienced during those college swimming nights, and I feel sorry for the many people who have never enjoyed these simple pleasures of life. I feel good when I see pictures of the young DOMAI beauties like Antuanetta and Jenya since I am reassured there are still people who are comfortable with their own bodies, even when they are completely nude and proudly displayed for all who enjoy their beauty.


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