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Letters to Domai

Dear Eolake,

Today I had two meaningful Domai Moments.

First, as I was walking up to the local Indian restaurant to meet a friend for lunch, two women had just walked out.

We know from reading your newsletter each week, as part of our Pledge as loyal DOMs, to appreciate the outward expression of a woman's inner beauty--and to admire their beauty openly, without turning away.

Well, I must admit that up until today I sometimes was a little shy about that and looked away for fear of being caught.

Today was far different, though, as I confidently gazed at the blonde walking toward her car with her brunette friend.

I sported a big smile and held my eyes on hers, far longer than the social custom.

To my delight and amazement, she had a big smile on her face, too, and I felt like she was checking me out, as well.

Or maybe she was just appreciating my appreciation of how beautiful she was.

Surprisingly, I didn't really take in her physical characteristics, because I was getting lost in the *feeling* of the moment, where in that 10-second intersect we really connected and it felt great!

I did turn back toward her, still smiling ear-to-ear, and she was looking back at me, too.

Then even after I went through the door at the restaurant, I looked back a third time, and she was gesturing toward the door where I had been standing, as though she were telling her friend, "that guy was just checking me out"!

I feel like there comes a time when everyone who appreciates your site and the ideals you stand for and promote--respecting women as beautiful, allowing them to feel comfortable expressing that beauty, not being afraid to be sensual...

There comes a time when we go through an initiation of sorts, where we have one of these magical Domai Moments of appreciating great beauty and somehow we come out of this initiation a better person, more confident, more open with our own sensuality, and the women we've just given a compliment are uplifted in similar ways.

This experience provided that initiation for me.

Then this evening, I experienced my second Domai Moment as I was going back through the newsletters from earlier this summer on your site.

I don't remember seeing this one particular image, yet I probably did and just didn't "see" it with the Domai-initiated eyes I have now.

The picture I'm talking about appeared in your June 10 issue and the one I'm talking about is the close-up headshot of Vera.

When I click on the small images, I love the anticipation of the big photos slowly unfolding, from the top of the woman's head, all the way down to reveal every inch of her.

Yet Vera's tight head shot was every bit as beautiful as the full nudes you usually give us each week.

I love the way her auburn hair falls over her soulful green eyes, and the way her hair is blowing over the half smile she seems to be forming just for you...

Without revealing anything, that image reveals so much, and I appreciate you including it in this newsletter.

It's almost as if it's a Domai Moment sitting there waiting for everyone visiting the site to evolve to the point where they're able to appreciate it as such.

Today was that day for me!

Thank you for helping me discover this finer awareness of true beauty that previously lay dorment.

I hope this letter helps others open to that awareness within them, too!

Warm regards, Dan

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"It is good to re-read the goals of DOMAI from time to time. The message is clear and simple. Honestly, the message is so very refreshing in this much too complicated world. I know that at times in my life when things seem out of sorts, a visit to DOMAI tends to clear the mind and bring focus back upon what is clean, clear, simple, and beautiful. Maybe this is so mostly because I am male, but that experience tends to then expand to influence other perceptions and attitudes in my life. It has the feel of something pretty spiritual." - Kent B.