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Letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

At long last. I found in your Web site an immensely pleasant reflection of the profound inner beauty of woman, both aesthetically and ethically.

As most teenage boys I had a intense curiosity about the female form, and it took me a while to sort out my feelings and discover that only a comparatively less significant part of my interest was sexual.

One of my first experiences was actually quite accidental. I was playing around with CB's at the time, and decided that putting an antenna higher up would extend the reach of my radio. So one sunny day I climbed up on the roof of my parents' house, got to the TV antenna and started attaching my new CB antenna to it. It was a warm summer day, the heat on the roof was scorching, and soon enough sweat was starting to drip into my eyes. As I brushed my face against my arm, I caught a glimpse into our Dutch neighbours's garden, and I could not believe my eyes: both were completely nude, enjoying the sun and taking a shower, apparently oblivious to my construction project.

She had a beautiful even tan, long wavy blonde hair framing her firm body and perfect pear-shaped breasts, her flat stomach revealed just the right muscle tone to hint at their athetic lifestyle without it distorting her proportions, her pubic area was covered in blond buckles, for some weird reason I found it strange that it should be the same colour as her hair. Her legs were so so long - seemingly interminable!

Beyond her sheer beauty, it just mesmerized me that as both of them were playing and laughing, the scene just oozed with an innocent purity and simple bliss, the two happily spraying each other with the garden hose, then returning to their lounge chairs... Never in my dreams had I imagined that people could dare walk out of their house without at least a bathing suit. How many time had I fantasized walking out nude into our swimming pool, and right then I had just discovered that not only I was not alone with this fantasy, but some actually did it, and were perfectly happy about it.

No matter how much I thought about it, I could not find anything wrong to their attitude. Their garden was totally private with trees all around, it was by pure chance that I happened to be on my roof that day and somehow intrude into the privacy of their Eden. Even back then being a teenager, I felt no sexual desire, as if I wanted to preserve the beauty and innocence of this scene.

Hopefully my Dutch neighbours might read this someday and remember this little teenage boy on the roof, putting up a rather large CB antenna... I only wish I could thank them for their involuntary gift which radically changed me for the better. Today, I have a private garden of my own - with a really nice swimming pool where bathing suits are a rare exception, when we have guests around who do not share our lifestyle. My wife, children and I have not had tan lines in years!

DOMAI images convey much of the same bliss, respect and simple relaxed happiness that I discovered first hand over 20 years ago. Many thanks to you and your models for bringing these vivid memories back to my mind each time I discover a new of your models.


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I just joined after putting it off for several months. All I can say is "WOW!" I should have joined a long time ago! The quantity and quality of your photos are far superior to any other out there!" - Kevin F <megaquark[at]