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Letters to Domai 1

On the ongoing conversation about beauty and sexiness, I have to agree with Joe in Kansas on many points. His comments about a "sexy" car and the very question of what Sexy is, however, beg a reply from someone who has thought long about this.

Some 18 years I was talking to a girlfriend about an airplane (the Ted Smith Aerostar) and she asked me, "how can an inanimate object be sexy." It took me a few years to distill it to simple words anyone can use to separate cuteness, beauty and sexiness. As with any such definition, it's an individual thing, based on the immediate response of the observer.

Cute makes you want to smile in a happy, almost amused way. It may make you chuckle just a little in what I call an audible smile.

Beauty makes you want to look, and keep looking. If you smile, it is in an admiring way.

Sexy makes you want to touch.

With those in mind, I can easily say that DOMAI is never sexy to me. It is occationally cute, but also it is always beautiful. Sometimes intensely, sometimes spiritually beautiful. To me, that photograph of Kinga standing in the field contemplating a stalk of wheat is the most peaceful image I've ever seen. It's not cute, not sexy; it's beautiful. Spiritually so. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Letters to Domai 2

The evening was warm but not hot or humid, with a refreshing breeze coming off the headland. I was seventeen and my companion a dark haired beauty was twenty. The difference in age at this moment in time was quite great. Her name was Alison and we had known each other for about a year through the local "fellowship group". I had secretly admired her poise, her elegance and beauty and often dreamed of being her date. When one evening at one of the Groups gatherings, Alison asked me if I would be her companion to a College where she was to receive her Diploma in Art and Literature. I of course immediately agreed. It was not really a date and at the time was quite common for young women like Alison to ask someone they knew to accompany them to events such this.

I was excited by the thought that I would be her companion even for just one evening. After weeks of anticipation the "magic" evening came for me to call for Alison. She was absolutely stunning with a Brown patterned summer halter neck style dress which showed of her lovely shoulders and sculptured neck. The hem was above the knee to show off her shapely legs and the colour accentuated her smooth soft skin and her shoulder length hair was swept to the front over her left shoulder creating a most attractive picture.

I was in heaven. After the presentation of the Diplomas we had the most marvelous dinner and then danced. She told me that she had worked so hard to obtain this qualification that she wanted to walk along the beach and just look at the stars and feel the breeze coming off the water. At about 10pm we then left the celebrations and drove to this very quiet and secluded beach where we walked for a long time and then sat down on a rug talking about everything and looking into her remarkable and searching blue eyes. Alison then explained that she enjoyed my company. This pleased me no end. Then with poise she undid her halter neck and asked me if I would join her in a swim in the surf.

After completely undressing Alison walked towards the water, the moon and the stars shone more brightly than I had experienced before and her beautiful athletic figure glowed in the moonlight. As you guessed I had quickly removed my clothes and was only a few feet behind her. It was intoxicating to be in the presence of such an exquisitely beautiful woman - the memory of her firm well proportioned breasts still brings back the joy I felt then. Women are amazing people.

We dried ourselves and then sat talking (still nude) to all hours of the night. We continued to see each other at the Group gatherings and she always made me feel so important and when I think back I know she enjoyed displaying her beauty as much as I enjoyed the breattaking experience of being in her presence.


Newsletter archive

"You and the DOMAI site spoil me as a member. I could not imagine being satisfied with another site such as this ever again... All the models are extremely beautiful: each in their own way. They all seem to possess a genuineness and honesty that is very appealing. They all seem approachable, the kind of women that one could talk to without feeling intimidated and the kind of women one would not feel a need to try to intimidate them. I know I have said this before but Thank You again for all the hard work you put into making DOMAI the quality site that it is. It is appreciated." - ROBERT A <dreamweaver40m[=at=]>

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