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Letters to Domai

From Matthew

That there is a distinction between simple nudity and salaciousness is obvious to naturists and is proved by any visit to a nudist resort or clothing-optional beach. Last week though, my attending a bachelor party proved to me that this datum is true amongst non-naturists as well and that the wearing of clothes is what makes the sudden appearance of nudity so alluring - albeit the allure is fleeting.

The bachelor party was to have strippers, but my wife OK'd my going. Sure enough, two lovely young women showed up to "entertain" us. Both were attired in skimpy "fuck me" outfits, but spent some time simply having something to eat, organizing the activities, setting the rules, and making sure money was gotten. During this time, one of the women removed her top. No one commented or paid much attention as she was merely walking around, eating, or giving commands. During this time, two more young women ( blonde and brunette) arrived, also dressed erotically.

When the performance started, which entailed a rather inartistic lap dance (all the women performed the same crotch in face moves -- nothing original from any of them. A good belly dance is far more sensual), most of the men gathered around, hooting and hollering, making lewd comments, and watching raptly. The second of the first two women, a curly headed blonde, cute, with a slightly husky voice repeated the performance of the first girl. As she had on a top, her removal of it provoked much hooting and hollering. Yet, shortly afterwards, the two of them were standing about, buck naked, talking with us, drinking beer; yet despite being naked, these two beautiful, cheerful, young, and naked women no longer provoked any interest, much less response, other than, I suppose, an occasional silent appreciation of beauty. Of much more interest to the 60 or so men was the football game on TV or our own conversations.

However, when the second couple took the floor to perform with dildos, once again, the attention of the men was drawn to them; and their act provoked the usual hooting. Again, as with the first two strippers, when the act was done, the women, who remained nude for quite a while, lost the attention of the group of men.

A co-worker of mine told me that at the stripclubs in Detroit and Windsor, the performers are well aware of the need to keep the nudity a mystery. He says that the act of stripping is drawn out, and that the strippers immediately put on a robe afterwards to preserve the mystery so as to keep the money flowing act to act.

In either setting, nudity was not what men were paying to see - - rather it was the mystery of implied sex or the sight of actual sex. Yet, because the beauty of a nude woman allures, nudity is banned or regulated or disparaged as though the allure of beauty and the allure of sex were one and the same. Naturists and members of Domai know however that while the latter can at times be considered to be base and crass, nudity and the appreciation of nudity is pure and wholesome. All people know this on an elemental level.

Please, members/visitors of Domai, do more than enjoy the efforts of Mr. Stobblehouse. Join and participate in a local naturist club. If there is no local club near you, start one or at the very least, join a national organization. Help to remind others of what is true. Join the effort to change society's laws and attitudes regarding nudity -- whatever continent you live on.

Sincerely, Matthew K
Member of The Naturist Society, Southeast Michigan Naturists, Michigan Nude Beach Advocates, Spiritual Naturists.

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