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Letters to Domai

I've been thinking of putting pen to paper for years recounting the event that, I suppose, introduced me to the female form.

I lived in a very rural part of Essex and used to do, as many boys did, a paper run. Let me say at this point that in England the papers are put through a letterbox in the front door, not thrown over the fence.

Well my "run" was for the most part not very interesting, and used to take me to many typical small farms.

On one particularly hot Saturday I had to deliver to what was for the most part looked like a typical a rambling farm, as I poked the paper through the front door a voice asked me to "pop the paper round the back please".

Arriving around the back, I was totally amazed to see a full sized swimming pool! Now a pool in someone's yard was something of a rarity in the post war years in England.

As I was trying to take this all in, a lady's voice came to me asking if I wouldn't mind handing her the paper. I turned to see a women lying in a lounge type chair, she was, it seemed to me much older than myself, (now I doubt this lass could not have been much older than say early twenties), she was the most beautiful creature I had ever set eyes on! She was very blonde with pale blue eyes; I suppose judging from her thick accent, she was very likely an au pair girl, although I wouldn't have known what this was back then. She had a house coat draped around her. I handed her the paper, she looked up and smiled saying thank you, I was not able to get my tongue to work, and I found a squeak coming out of some where saying she was welcome.

She smiled up at me and I asked if I would like a drink, I nodded, as I still couldn't get my tongue to work. She sat up and leaned across to a small table to reach a large glass decanter as she did her house coat came open slightly, enough for me to catch a glimpse of one of her breasts, I very nearly passed out on the spot! She poured a drink into glass and handed it to me, to this day I do not know how I managed to hold onto the glass!

She motioned for me to sit down; I did so, on one of the starting blocks. She told me her name was Erica and was chatting away to me and some of what she was saying actually got through to my brain, I heard her ask if I would like a swim, I said something like "I don't have a costume" she laughed and said "so what I don't either"! She stood up giggling and walked towards the pool and let her gown drop, and oh!  The sight of her body with the mid morning sun bathing her, I was totally mesmerised; she laughed again and softly dived into the water.

I was just sitting there, probably with my mouth wide open, trying to take it all in, this vision of beauty swimming around totally naked, with seemingly with not a care in the world. She swam for a while, and then pulled herself from the pool; she came across to me and asked why I was not going in. I knew I wanted to say or do something, but I was completely confused as to what to do. She must have sensed my confusion as she said why doesn't she get some fresh juice and in the mean time why didn't I strip off and jump in the pool?

She pulled her robe back on and picked up the decanter and disappeared into the house. I was wondering what to do whether to strip off and get in the pool or take off and never come back. I decided that despite my fear I was going to see this through as it were. So despite my terror I took (ripped actually), my clothes off and jumped in (I couldn't dive). Erica came back with a fresh supply of juice, when she saw me in the water she smiled and again took off her robe and as she got to the edge of the pool she hesitated, I took all of her beauty in, I couldn't say what was going through my mind, I can only remember the feeling of absolute wonder there was this unbelievable beauty standing there completely unabashed and I'm swimming about also totally naked.

The day seemed to float by; I eventually got control of my feelings and started to enjoy myself in this amazing situation. The time came for me to go, (God knows how I actually said I had to go) She told me to come back anytime I'd be very welcome. Thinking back I don't remember having any carnal thoughts, I suppose it could have been because of my age but I prefer to think it was because I was more than happy to just look at this wonderful young lady and to be in her company. I did go back a couple of times but by the following summer she had left, it was as I recall a miserable summer anyway with hardly any sun. I have never seen her since. Which is a shame but also a blessing as the memory of her beauty has never left me. If it taught me anything I imagine it was to appreciate the female form in all its wonder and glory. I often wonder, as an aside, if the ladies have any idea what an effect they have on most men!

Gordon W

Dear Eolake,

After being a Domai subscriber for three and half years, I have decided to let my current quarterly subscription to Domai expire without renewing it. This decision is most definitely not brought about by the recently announced increase in subscription rates; the prices have remained the same for a long time now and have represented ever greater value for money as the quantity and size of images has increased. It seems strange to offer this explanation for what is largely a commercial relationship - Domai is the only website I've ever paid for access to - but something in your own integrity in keeping the site true to its aims, made me feel that I couldn't slip away without saying something.

The reason for my withdrawal is very simple: three times a week, and once a month on the 15th for the Veteran's page, I stop by the site, glance at the latest offering and, in most cases, download the zip. Those regular visits have become an unthinking habit, and therein lies my problem: I barely notice the contents of the zipfile and have simply stopped noticing the feast Domai puts before my eyes. This is not Domai's problem, but a complacency on my part which has become jaded by familiarity.

The danger is that such online complacency spills over into the offline world and that I take it for granted that such wonders are always available. Sadly, in this less that perfect world, that is not the case. Every so often, a particular set of photographs will jar me out of my complacency, but that has been happening less frequently.

So, with this in mind, I am withdrawing from Domai, at least for a while. So long as the site remains, I may be back - especially once the full realisation of what I am leaving behind kicks in! But for a while at least, I won't be around after December 19.

In my absence, keep up the good work of supporting those photographers and models who are so generous with their time, grace, energy and beauty and who knows - I may well be back :)

Bye for now, - Chris-

Dear Chris,

I understand you well, and I wish you well. If everybody had loyalty like you, the world would be better. And I surely would not like to be the reason anybody would start to take beautiful women for granted! If one had his favorite meal prepared by his favorite cook once a week, that would be wonderful. But it it started to make it seem commonplace, then it might be time to take a break. Nothing makes one appreciate a warm home like having been caught in a cold rainstorm. Indeed I have gotten letters from people who said "I cancelled last month... my god, what have I done? I am back..." But even if that does not happen, you are happy and I am happy, and I will see you again in a year or two, godspeed. :)

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