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Letters to Domai

I am truly inspired by your site... I didn't realize what an impact it has had on me until the other day when I had a series of dreams (inspired no doubt by DOMAI) involving an unknown woman. I do remember gazing at a particular photo, Karin02, just before I went to bed on these nights.

I would like to share my favorite of these series of dreams with you, if I may...

(the dream begins)

The air is clear and warm. It was one of those days that you really don't notice the weather, like the halcyon days of our youth. I make my way through a green field to where I know someone will be waiting for me.

As I crest a rolling hill covered in short soft grass, a quiet lake appears before me. The lake is small, more a pond than a lake with soft vegetation just obscuring the edges from view. There is a tire-swing hanging from an old Oak tree and the water is warm and clear.

As I strip down and enter the water I notice how soft the lake bottom is, not muddy but fine silt that supports your weight. The water feels like warm bathwater and there is no sign of other people. My dog Meeko is playing at the lake side and barking joyfully at a squirrel running in circles around the Oak, driving him nuts. I begin laughing at his antics when I realize I am not alone... there is a ripple in the water around me.

I look around, but I know who it is before I see. Her smell is unmistakable like soft lilac mixed with fall... she consumes my senses. When my eyes open, she appears radiantly basked in sunlight, her long brown hair glowing. She is beautiful, and I am instantly in love.

I try not to stare at her perfectly formed breasts but can't help a slip or two. She catches me lookingÊand smiles that secret smile only women of incredible beauty have and I know it is a good thing. We stand there naked, slightly over waist deep in this wonderland and embrace. There are no words, as we dance slowly in the warmth of the lake... we know each other.

- David C

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"I just want to say that I never fail to be amazed by the undeniable and breathtaking beauty of a woman! Pivotal to this is the fact that DOMAI is the crystal-clear glass through which the unspeakable beauty of a woman is made known." - Greg D