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Letters to Domai

Dear Domai,

With my previous experiences it seems to me that women blessed with beauty have the hardest time accepting it.

My close friend Tracy is a twenty-two year old college student with everything a young girl can want: great parents, a steady part-time job, a memorable childhood, a promising future, good friends, and blessed with beauty all over her. She has a gorgeous face with an amazing body. Both boys and men are always taking a glimpse of her beauty when they can. We males love looking at beautiful girls if it is shared.

Recently I was walking with her and I noticed something different with her. I have been noticing something awkward about her for a while although this made me want to speak up. I asked her if things were going okay with her or not. She responded with an immediate, "No, I'm okay." At that point I knew she wasn't her self, so I stopped our walk and started to point out her slow walking and her slumped head. I asked if the problem was about school, at home, or something else. Then I asked, "What's up?" She then started to unfold her self.

I was put at ease knowing she could speak to me about a problem troubling her so much lately. I was soon stunned to hear of her problem. She first started to tell me of how she was having a hard time with her self lately. She said she didn't see her self as a beautiful girl lately. She told me how others were giving her this impression. The examples she gave me was that she noticed guys not looking at her like before and how long of a time it has been since her last relationship. She is a tough girl, yet she also told me of a classmate being rude to her at times. "The things he says doesn't create this problem I'm having, but all of the little things do," she expresses.

Right away I told her that boys have a hard time trying to be nice, let alone being themselves, around girls they find attractive. This classmate probably finds you very attractive and wants to talk to you while taking the risk of not being himself. Next time tell him how you feel. With that, I told her she is beautiful and to never think otherwise. She replied with, "It isn't that easy."

I interrupted her by telling her it is. Then I told her if I could tell her the secret of being beautiful. She smiled in disbelief and told me to proceed. I told her that it is all about her inner beauty she has inside of her. If a girl has accepts the beauty in side of her then it will show on the outside. It will show in her smile, in her posture, in everything she does. It will also show in how she takes care of herself and how she presents herself.

To find the beauty outside of you, you need to first penetrate the surface and find it inside of you. When this happens others will know. For instance, guys enjoy looking at women who share their beauty with a smile. There is nothing enjoyable about looking at a girl who hides herself. To repeat, it starts with you accepting yourself. If you are not accepting yourself then your own beauty will be harder and harder to find.

There was a long pause after that and then we resumed walking. On our way we passed three guys surrounding a single girl. My head turned to look. I wasn't looking to see what was happening, but simply the beauty the girl was omitting off. Her slim body wearing short shorts, a white blouse, and her arms crossed over her chest with some textbooks in her hands made her seem so complete. There was something captivating about her laugh and the way she looked into others. I turned to see that Tracy was also admiring the beauty the girl had to offer. Then she smiled. It is so amazing to get so much information from a single smile, for when she smiled I received her understanding what I previously said to her. I also received her beauty she has inside of her. It was difficult for me to look away.

The difference between being beautiful and not is simply if a girl wants to accept it or not, and then sharing it.

Sincerely Sal C.

p.s. I saw a difference in Tracy that very next day.

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