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Letters to Domai

Life through my teen years in a small Midwestern town in the 1970s was interesting. Unfortunately, the town I grew up in was extremely conservative, moralistic and nudity was an absolute taboo. I grew up in a household with three sisters and a mother and not once was confronted with female nudity of any kind.

I will never forget my first experience with a nude female as unusual as it was I remember it to this day. I was 16 and spent the day baling hay with my buddy Dave. Upon calling it a day, we decided to stop at the local swimming hole to cool off. Hanover pit was an old gravel pit that filled with water and it was illegal to swim there. To reinforce this, the city erected a six-foot high chain link fence all the way around it. Having been there many times scaling the fence was old habit. We later find out that was not the case for everyone.

We were at the waters edge at about dusk when female screams started at the top of the hill above us. Dave and I took off up the hill to find two girls we went to high school with caught up on the fence. Lori was caught on the top of the fence with the strand of barb wire caught on the seam in the crotch of her Levi's. Luann had made it over and was trying to free Lori. I was about ten feet from them when the jeans gave way and Lori fell to the ground. Her jeans had ripped from the crotch up to the waste line and had partially torn her very small red silk panties partially off. In addition, her t-shirt caught on the top of the fence and she had fallen right out of it. It was immediately obvious that the two were quite stunned over the events. In front of me was Lori, a girl I had admired for years at school, sitting on the ground in her bra with one breast fully exposed and with torn panties exposing a patch of pubic hair. I was stunned, she was beautiful.

Due to the fact that tickets for being on the side of the fence we were on were very expensive and police regularly patrolled the area, we ushered them down the hill to where we were camped out. After surveying everything, Lori with Luann's assistance declared she was OK just scrapes and bruises. She just did not know how she would get past her parents with torn clothing. After talking for a while, the girls announced that they came here to skinny dip and still wanted to. I stood in awe watching Luann disrobe. Every guy in our high school would have killed to see her without a shirt. My attention was then diverted to Lori. She was on the gymnastics team and was very athletic. Her small firm breasts were perfectly round, stomach flat and very muscular round and firm backside and the muscles in her legs were bulging as she balanced herself on the steep hillside. She was standing there completely nude. I was in complete awe admiring her beauty, her skin, muscle tone and sights I had never seen before. I only came to as she was grabbing my arm pulling me towards the water with her. I don't know what happened to Dave and Luann, but Lori and I swam, wrestled in the sand and enjoyed each other for the next couple of hours.

By coincidence, the clean pair of jeans I had in my car fit her so that she could get past her parents. I drove her home and we dated for a while. We had a great time together. We parted company, but she still holds a spot in my heart. That girl was first in many milestones of this young man and set the standards of how I came to love and admire the beauty of women. She still defines much of my definition of beauty to this day.

Sincerely, K.W. Ross

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"Hello DOMAI: It took me a couple times of looking at the site before I realized that I should try it out, and I suppose you get these testimonials all the time---but like Wow! you really do live up to your reputation!! Without a doubt the finest tribute to the female form I have yet come across on the Internet. As an artist who likes to draw the nude female, I have found it extremely difficult to find the kind of poses that I want, and DOMAI has finally ended my search. Frankly, the average explicit, in-your-face, get-your-rocks-off animal sexuality porno-sites that abound on the Internet contain nothing of interest for me beyond sex for the sake of sex alone. Anyone who sincerely appreciates and is fascinated by the beauty of the nude female body, knows that the DOMAI approach is far more interesting and erotic. It takes a really talented photographer to know how to capture a pose and develop an exposure in just the right way, by careful study of the way light and shadow caress and follow the curves and lines of a beautiful nude. Artists who like to draw and paint women need these kinds of studies if they don't have direct access to a live model. You have put together a superb collection of truly beautiful girls photographed by excellent photographers. You have also avoided including the kind of Penthouse/Playboy cheesy erotic shots that are quite common these days, featuring bondage and soft-core sex that just wouldn't be right on this site. I hope that you'll continue to just keep DOMAI the way it is. After all, there's millions more beautiful girls out there just waiting to be photographed---the subject is definitely endless!! I decided to look at DOMAI again, and decided to join. Nothing to do with your website design or information, I could see that the girls were beautiful and it looked like a very good site. However I didn't realize how large your collection was, or how good!! Your site is very unusual. Thanks." PV in Canada <pvuk[=at=]>

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