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Letters to Domai

I am a busy single parent raising teenage boys. I don't always remember to follow through with my good intentions - I always try to make it to the ball games and the awards ceremonies and graduations, etc... But I am a bit forgetful at times. This leads me to the point of my writing to you. I was enjoying my e-mail of your news letter the other day, and I inadvertently left the internet controls set to my age appropriate level on my computer before I went to work.

Now, I am a fan of nudes, and I enjoy a fine woman as much as can be expected, but I am not into dirty porn... I find close ups of intimate body parts and graphic visuals of the "messy" type quite unattractive and rather vulgar. I prefer my nudes to be tasteful and au-naturel... like the lovely ladies on your site. When I came home from work, I noticed that my computer was not exactly as I had left it, and upon investigation of my history button, I found links to some really awful porn sites with names so bad I won't repeat them. I was shocked and embarrassed and furious with myself for allowing this unhindered access to the web open to my children.

I talked with my oldest boy first, and he begrudgingly acknowledged that it was indeed him that had seen these sites. My boy is 17, and technically and LEGALLY a minor, but not a child any longer. They grow fast, and their interests change daily. After an hour or two of careful consideration, I asked him if he thought that those sites depicted anything lovely for him. He replied that the thought the images were erotic and enticing. I thanked him for his honesty and candor. Then I closed the door to the computer room and opened up my notebook of cd-roms. I put one in the tray and allowed my son to see a few of the women from your site that I had collected and I was able to show him the difference between pornography and fine art/tasteful nudes.  And did he appreciate the Domai art!

I believe that it may be a pivotal point in his young life. I have noticed over the last few months that the posters on his wall have changed slowly from violent looking rap stars to scantily clad swimsuit models. I think he is beginning to understand the benefits of beauty. And I offer 50/50 credit for this to your site.

I am sure some would disagree with my "lesson", because of his age, but I felt that if he was old enough to be curious enough to seek out filth, shouldn't I use the infraction as a way of furthering the child's education by teaching that women are NOT to be considered "toys" or playthings to be roughhoused and abused and simply discarded?

By showing him the true beauty of God's special creation, am I not helping to instill the value that women are people, and beautiful, and can be delicate and worthy of love and admiration, not desire, lust and abuse? I hope that I have done right by my children, and I hope one day they grow to be intelligent, free thinking, open minded young men that understand the value of a beautiful woman lies not in what you can do to her sexually, but in what her beauty inspires you to think and feel. Respect and admiration are fine traits in any society, and to be able to appreciate one of life's finest beautiful creatures- the nude female- in a context that is not degrading is a wonderful and awesome ability.

See, I was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father who had very little respect for anything living, let alone his family or people in general. It was my charge in life to break the cycle of violence in my family and I was successful at it I believe. I have never hit a woman, and I never spanked my children out of anger or while upset. By leading by example, I managed to raise 6 fairly well adjusted children, and I do believe that by showing him the difference between porn and art, I was able to get through to him that a woman is not an object, but another half of the human race.

J. Jenkins

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