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From the Other Side

The wonderful stories and photos on Domai have changed how I respond to some situations. Recently, I spent a week at a vacation campsite that is bordered on one side by a public creek. On a recent 90 degree day, one of the ladies decided to brave the creek nude, and invited a few of us to join her. I had been looking forward to a nude swim, so I jumped at the opportunity.

A few of us made our way to the creek, left our clothes on the sandy shore, and waded out to the far side where it was just barely deep enough to lay down. The bottom was large loose rock, and the water was so clear we could watch the fish and crawdads come floating by or bounce off our skin (that feels strange!). The sun sparkled on my friends' hair and hats, and we relaxed into the sensations of warm sun, cool water, open air, and the currents and waves of the flowing river. We talked of comfort and sensation, and enjoyed the peace of the afternoon.

Some other girls showed up downstream (clothed); we considered moving on, but were hoping they would just pass on by. Certainly we didn't want to bother or offend them, and immersed in the water we were mostly "modest," so we stayed. They played and kept to themselves a distance away, and we continued to chat and enjoy the water.

Another ten or fifteen minutes passed, and some young men came up the creek riding ATVs. One of the ladies in my group was not comfortable staying with the guys arriving, so we rose to leave with her.

I can only imagine the thoughts and moment of stunned beauty for those young men, when a few lovely ladies rose naked out of the creek to walk to the shore. They all stopped driving closer, and stayed at the sand bar a distance away, rather than intruding.

I mentioned that the creek bottom was loose rock. This made it difficult for me to walk, and I had to take it slowly to avoid falling on my face. I decided to make the best of the situation, confident with my beauty, and thinking about Domai stories, that it was okay to see and be seen -- so I waved to the guys as I walked slowly to the shore!

One of them stayed to watch from where he was at, until I finished dressing. The others had already turned around to leave. I felt respected either way, and chuckled about the stories they'd have to tell when they got home.

As I shared my creek story with other lady friends, some felt encouraged or inspired by my confidence and ease. A few more tried going nude themselves, and found it relaxing. Later one evening, I had the pleasure of drying myself by a fire after a nude dip in the creek; what wonderful sensations.

Thank you for the site and the stories, from a woman who's encouraging her friends to help make more Domai moments!

- Jenny B

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