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Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

Higher education has changed over the years. I was told about how my in my father's time, boys and girls were never allowed to enter the same dormitory building. Much progress has been made since that time. Soon there were males and females inhabiting the same building, though on different floors. Then that barrier too came down in some places. The residence complex I lived in just a few years ago had guys and girls living on the same floor, and best of all, sharing the same bathroom facilities.

This was surprising for those of us who were new to the place. I entered the washroom for the first time and saw a row of showers along the right side with a row of sinks and mirrors on the left side. There were three showerheads in a large open area, then three separate showers concealed by curtains. I heard water running behind one of the closed curtains as I looked around the place. With a sudden SWISH, a curtain opened, and a girl stepped out. I froze as I noticed she was quite naked. She took her towel from its hook and began drying herself. She had wet blonde hair, pale green eyes, a soft delicate face, and glistening braces on her teeth. She smiled at me and introduced herself as she rubbed her arms and chest with the towel. This first encounter with Beth set a pleasant tone for the rest of the year. She wrapped her torso in the fine white cloth and walked out the door.

Over the coming days I discovered it had become customary for the male residents to use the open shower area while the females used the individual alcoves hidden behind their curtains. Presumably this was because men were supposed to be less inhabited about their appearance, less likely to be embarrassed about being seen nude. But I was not happy about the situation at first. I just wasn't used to other people seeing me unclothed. This situation was complicated by the fact that two thirds of the people living on our floor were female. There were even girls from other floors who used our showers when theirs were busy. At first, I tried showering very early in the morning so other wouldn't see me. But as time passed I got to know my neighbors better. Once they no longer seemed like strangers, I started to feel more comfortable around them.

I walked in one morning in wearing my bathrobe and saw my new friends Tina and Cheri similarly attired, standing at the mirrors applying some kind of cream to their faces. As casually as possible, I disrobed and stepped into my shower. Because they could see me in the mirrors, there was no point in trying to hide myself. I went through my usual routine; they went through theirs, and everything seemed quite normal. I felt a sense of freedom. It all seemed completely natural. I conversed with them casually. Tina even walked up to me with her green container of cream and asked me what it smelled like. They were able to joke about the situation with relaxed humor. Cheri told someone not to flush now because if my shower water turned cold they wouldn't want to have to see my parts shrinking.

Everyone became more easy-going as the year went on. Many of the girls became less and less inhibited. I remember entering the room one morning to see one of them standing in the middle of the tile floor, bent forward, massaging her head with a towel, drying her long hair. Her back was to me, but because of the way she was bent over, I could see her upside down face smiling in my direction. I could also see her slender legs and how they rose up and joined at her smooth pale buttocks. Her breasts hung down and were swinging as her arms made rubbing motions on her head. She stood up silently, covered herself in the soft towel and made her exit.

What was best about it all was that everyone liked to have fun. We all feel so much better when we don't take things to seriously. One morning before calculus class, two lovely girls clad only in their towels were chasing each other around the bathroom. Xiu the slim Chinese girl had taken a hair dryer from the petite red haired Karen who wanted it back immediately. I watched from my shower as Xiu held the item up higher than the shorter Karen could reach. To retaliate, young Karen quickly grabbed Xiu's blue towel and yanked it off of her body. Xiu yelped as she became instantly naked. I was surprised and delighted.

She then started chasing Karen to get back her towel. Karen tried to escape to the stalls on the far side of the room, but Xiu's hand caught a hold of Karen's towel and pulled hard. Karen squealed as the towel left her body. Her pale breasts were now bouncing around freely as she ran. Karen's porcelain white skin had a slight rosy glow to it. She had short, smooth legs. The two nude girls wrestled each other for the hairdryer, laughing as they did so. Karen's buttocks flexed as she reached out and at last grabbed the item she was after. The struggle was over. The two of them leaned against the sink as they caught their breath, still giggling about the whole thing.

There was more to come in the near future, quite a bit more than I expected. As I stood casually beneath the showerhead one day, a girl named Roxanna entered the room wearing her small kimono, but not for long. She hung it up beside my own robe and stepped into the common shower area right beside me, as naked as can be. Looking at me with her large blue eyes she said, "What? You've never seen a girl naked before?"

I made some sort of apology and tried to act naturally. I turned away from her because I thought that's what she would prefer. But instead she exclaimed, "well now I feel like you?re trying to ignore me."

I turned around and tried to establish some sort of normal conversation. I started talking about what classes I was attending, and she spoke about her own engineering courses. As she did so, Roxanna poured several squirts of liquid soap into her palm and began lathering her body. Later we both dried off and went about our business, though for the rest of the day, my mind was not on my work.

Other astonishing sights were in store for me. I remember brushing my teeth one day in front of the sink. I stopped in mid-stroke as the lovely Lorna came up beside me. She was wearing nothing but slim pink panties. Her towel was wrapped around her head like a great turban. She was applying eye makeup of some sort. She took no notice of me. I continued brushing but with many quick glances to my periphery. Her large bare breasts were wobbling about. They seemed a little too big for someone of her build, but I certainly didn't mind that. I wished that moment would never end.

I caught many more glimpses of bare female skin. I came in one day and saw three girls in the open shower. They were facing the wall, so I saw a wonderful row of buttocks, a great combination of big and small bottoms. They looked over their shoulders at me and shook those behinds playfully. The girls enjoyed watching as well. My room mate and I were taking a regular shower when dark-eyed Nina entered the room with her friend. Pointing at my roommate she said, 'see, I told you..? She was referring to the fact that he had an uncircumcised penis, something that most girls here hadn't seen. He certainly liked the attention. Their reactions were fun to watch. There were lots of wide-eyed smiles and looks of embarrassed delight.

The highlight of my year was the one time I shared the shower with Tina and Cheri. Delicate Cheri's slim body would arch backward as she extended her arms above her and let the water pour down.. She lifted her legs high when she washed them. Tina was more curvaceous. She twisted her torso back and forth as the spray covered her. Her long wet hair whipped around. She sang a Broadway tune as she soaped herself. I saw maybe twenty different girls naked during that year. It was so pleasing to see the great variety of bodies, tall and short, slim and fleshy, dark and light. I always felt more comfortable around all people after that. Shame and timidity melted away. This was the best thing that school taught me.

James M

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"I wanted to write to you and thank you for making Kristi the members set (and what a set, 40 pic's!) for Wednesday July 5th.
Kristi is quite simply, my personal ideal of what a beautiful young woman should be.
The large set you posted gave me a chance to get a multitude of looks at her lovely face. She is very expressive in a refined, subtle way. A few shots Anton Volkov took captured classic poses and the rest, free form natural. I am impressed with the scope of the photo set.
I needed to write to you and thank you for creating your wonderful site. I have been a member for quite some time now and have always been pleased with my membership.
Today however I am more than pleased. I am thrilled, satisfied and rejuvenated.
Thank you very much. Your work is greatly appreciated.
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