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Letters to Domai


I'm a teacher by trade and so I have my summers off. I spend most of the summer at my cottage in Northern Michigan. The cottage overlooks a quiet lake. No motors are allowed on the lake, and I only have a few neighbors. A hunting club occupies almost one half of the lake and a summer camp for children most of the rest. Most days, the sound of children splashing and yelling as they play in the water across the lake is the only manmade sound I hear. In the evenings and on weekends, even these sounds disappear. This is when I like to row out on the lake in my old rowboat and fish for bluegill at the far end of the lake by the camp.

The lake is shaped like a kidney bean. There is a point that juts out into the lake. It is mostly covered by pine, but at the top of a small hill, you can see where people have built campfires. I had often wondered who was camping there since I never saw anyone, although I occasionally saw a campfire up there late at night. One warm Saturday evening, I got out on the lake later than usual. The shadows were long, and the lake was still. As I rounded the point, I heard splashing out near the center of the lake. Then I heard a woman's voice on the point call out. "Are you guy's okay?" I could hear the anxiety in her voice. "We're both getting pretty tired!" That voice came from the direction of the splashing near the center of the lake.

"Mister, could you help them?"

I looked toward the voice on the point and discovered that it belonged to a very naked college age girl. This voluptuous brunette stood knee deep in the water pointing out into the lake.

"They're back there toward the camp!" I could see two swimmers who looked very weak trying to keep afloat. I immediately turned my boat and rowed out to the swimmers. It took only a couple minutes. They both immediately grabbed the boat when I came along side.

"Do you need help getting in?" They both nodded yes and I pulled two very naked ladies out of the lake. I sat them both in the stern and began rowing them to the point. The petite brunette was the first to catch her breath.

"Boy, am I glad you were there!" She said between pants. "I don't think we would have made it!" Her taller, more slender blonde companion nodded in agreement. "I guess that we aren't as good at swimming as we thought we are." Neither seemed particularly concerned about being naked in front of a stranger, and, I have to admit, I found them to be charming company. I couldn't help but notice their skin. It was smooth and firm and almost lustrous. Both had very nice slender figures.

They both were all smiles when the boat landed on the beach. The brunette on the shore steadied the boat as we all hopped out. I watched as they hugged each other.

"Who are you?" I asked when they were done. "I'm not used to seeing anyone much less three naked ladies on the lake." The voluptuous brunette held out her hand. "My name is Christine. All three of us are from the camp." I shook her hand. "We're here for a campfire. We have a tradition. A couple of times every summer the counselors have a campfire on the point after the children leave on our day off. The tradition is that you have to swim out here naked, and you have to stay that way until you swim back later. We came out here early to get the food started. The rest of the gang will come later." "You're not going to tell on us, are you?" The petite brunette asked. I assured her that I had no intention of telling anyone. She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you!" She said with relief. "I'm pretty sure the we'd be fired if you did!" The taller blonde hugged me and kissed me also.

"Would you like a glass of wine? We have some up at the camp. It seems like the least we could do." Christine offered. I declined. I figured that they really did not need a fifty five year old man hanging around making them feel self-conscious.

"Twenty five years ago, I might have taken your offer." I replied with a smile. "But the truth is, you've already rewarded me. I'll remember the beauty of you three for a very long time." Christine kissed me on the cheek. The other two giggled a little nervously at the mention of their nudity. "You are a very nice man." She said, and then the three turned and I watched three nicely shaped bottoms disappear into the pines.

The fishing the rest of the evening wasn't very good. As I rowed back to the cabin at dusk, I could see the campfire at the top of the hill. I have seen the campfire several times since. It reminds me of the time I pulled two keepers out of the lake.


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"After years of collecting the free images from your site, I've built up an A-Z of the models' names. Most folders have a handful of images in them, one or two from each collection, except those I bought on your first CD. How I longed to see the full sets of some models, and get the full size images too. Well tonight I logged on to Domai to find a second free image from a photo set I think is absolutely amazing. It's the one by Nely, holding a blue umbrella, and wearing a yellow skirt. The first free image I had was a large size. So imagine my frustration to find tonight's freebie on Domai was a smaller size! And yet the image was so beautiful. (No skirt in this one too.) I simply had to have the full size image of this shot! (As well as the rest of the set.) Yes, there was only one thing to do..... subscribe!" - Chris H