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Dear DOMAI I am an amateur photographer. Or maybe I am just a guy with an expensive digital camera who takes a lot of pictures. I really enjoy nature photography and take my camera with me when hiking and backpacking. I had been planning a four day backpacking trip on the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail in the Berkshires mountains of Massachusetts for a couple of months. My plan was to cover thirty miles of some of the most remote sections of the trail. I planned to get pictures of the beautiful wild flowers that would be blooming this time of year. I did get pictures of beautiful wild flowers but not the ones I was planning.

It was mid July and the weather forecast predicted hot and sunny days for the entire trip. On my second day I was taking pictures in a field of wild flowers when three people came up the trail from the opposite direction I was traveling. A man and two women came towards me. When they saw me they stopped and said hello. The man was tall and muscular with hiking boots a small backpack and a walking stick. The two women were striking but looked tired and hot. They asked me about the trail ahead of them and I told them it was a step clime to the top of a small mountain and that the views from the top were beautiful. The man, whose name was Chuck, was very interested but the two women, Nancy and Pam, were not interested in a steep climb. After some discussion Chuck asked me if I would escort the two ladies back to their car that was about four miles ahead. I told them that would be no problem since I was going that way anyhow. Nancy and Pam were delighted and Chuck was happy to be able to make the climb without having to worry about them. After setting a time for the girls to meet him back where they parked the car, Chuck started his hike and we started down the trail.

We talked as we walked along the path, which brought us into the woods. I found out that Nancy and Pam were sisters and Nancy was the older and was seeing Chuck. Nancy was tall with dark brown hair which was long and tied back so her pony tail came out through the gap in the back of her baseball cap. Pam's hair was blonde and much shorter. They both wore denim cutoff shorts though Pam's were much shorter than Nancy's. Nancy was more muscular which showed in her calves and her shoulders that were exposed by her red tank top.

I knew we were coming to a creek that I had planned to fill my canteens at and have lunch. This was a beautiful stretch of stream with a four-foot waterfall leading in to a pool about ten feet around. The girls remembered it from their trip in and said that Chuck wouldn't let them stop for a dip. I told them I was schedule for lunch and water and they said they were going for a swim. I had a couple of packages of freeze dried tuna and cracker packages so I set up my camp stove and started some water boiling. I heard the girls down by the water laughing and grabbed my canteens to go down to fill them.

When I approached the stream I saw the most beautiful scene I had ever been exposed to and probably ever will. Nancy and Pam were splashing each other and laughing. They were both naked and waist deep at the end of the pool. I could not catch my breath. The sun sending beams of light through the forest canopy made subtle rainbows in the sprayed water. Their beautiful bodies glistened with beads of water rolling over their smooth skin. Their female forms in this natural setting made me stop in mid step. Pam was the first to notice me standing their staring at them and smiled. When she stopped splashing, Nancy looked in the direction of her gaze an saw me standing their with a canteen in each hand and I am sure my jaw was resting on my chest.

I had no idea of what to do next. I wanted to be invisible and not effect the scene. I still had my camera hanging from my neck and I could see Pam's eyes looking at it. She asked if I had ever done any nude photography. I made a stupid joke of saying that I was usually dressed when I took pictures. They both laughed and I saw a brief look pass between them. It was as if they were telepathic in that in an instant they agreed that this was something that both of them wanted to do. I dropped the canteens and approached the pool.

The difference between them was as remarkable as the similarities. Pam's body was magnificent with large breasts and as I soon realized her died blond hair contrasted with her full dark brown pubic hair. Nancy's body was athletic with firm breast and abs that most women would kill for. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a vertical line about three inches wide. I tried to recover from my previous remark by saying that I would be consider myself privileged to attempt to capture the beauty that I was seeing. Pam was soon posing on a rock ledge at the edge of the pool. Her back arched, knees bent and head back. I was took four or five shots and then looked over the camera and saw Nancy laying at the shallow end of the pool, the water passing over her legs and her hazel eyes staring directly at me. The water was cold so her nipples were erect and hard. Nancy's aureola were smaller and darker than Pam's but matched her overall coloring as her skin was a darker tan, while Pam's nipples were larger and lighter colored. They competed for my lens for the next hour.

I felt I was I was both cursed and blessed. I was blessed with the most beautiful scene in the world and cursed with the fact the there was no way to capture it. Try as a may, no picture captured the beauty in front of me. I was near tears as I tried to explain this to Nancy and Pam but they just consoled me by telling me I had done a wonderful job. They also asked me that I never show them to anyone. While I was reluctant not to share even the poor glimpse I could provide into the beauty I was privileged glimpse, I agreed.

They dressed and I fulfilled my pledge to get the girls safely to car. I kissed both on the cheek and told them how I felt to be granted the opportunity to try to capture their beauty. I know now that as beautiful as the women on this site (DOMAI) seem, the camera is incapable of capturing the beauty in front of it. The female form, in all its variation, is an emotional experience. Photography, even at its best, cannot capture its essence.

Tim F

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