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Letters to Domai

Dear DOMAI My son asked me to chaperon for the school marine biology camp. This was a week in tents during the cool fall months. Chaperons have keep 12 and 13 year olds focused on their studies. The camp is on a remote part of Catalina island in Southern California. The 100 person boat dropped us off a short walk from the camp. The land was naturally rough and populated with a small group of 20 marine biology students "teaching" us for college credit. The part hippie, part Costeau, and mostly female counselor group was friendly and gave the adults the chaperon tour. We saw the labs, the shoreline, and tide pools. Kirsten, a Scandanavian beauty, told us that just beyond the tide pools was the nude beach. I noticed the reactions from my peers. Some gave a little smile and the others rolled their eyes complaining about weight gain after kids. I was one of the three men in the ten person chaperon group.

The camp had two person tents. Adults had their own tent and each chaperon had seven tents with pairs of boys and girls. The bathrooms were quite dirty. Fortunately, the adults had a separate bathroom that was simple, but clean. Three semi-enclosed showers, stalls, basins, and mirrors. The adult facility was unisex. The showers had a small changing area and a shower with a curtain. You could see feet and a head, but little else standing in front of each shower. The side the panels had space between them. There was enough space to reach through and grab a towel. If you were in the small changing area you were partially visible to the others in the showers.

During the day we had snorkeling, classroom, kayak, labs, tide pools, hiking, and meals. We were constantly changing in and out of swimsuits. Ten adults and three changing areas resulted in a backup. Some changed in the tents, but they were small, dirty, and also not very private. On the second day, a male chaperone and myself were watching time slip away waiting our turn to change. We talked it over and decided we could not wait. "Ladies we have to change right now, so look if you want, but we are getting naked." We turned to the wall and changed. A couple funny comments were made and we left. A new trend had started. Soon we all changed in front of each other.

Cheryl was a chaperon that I knew from my kid's sports. One morning we went into separate showers at nearly the same time. For the first time we saw each other fully nude between the panels in the changing area. Neither of us turned away. It was a brother and sister nudity. Instead of looking a little overweight she struck me as quite beautiful. She has dark hair, large breasts and warm brown eyes. As we showered, she blurts out that she left her shampoo in her bag. Can you give me some of your shampoo? I brought a mini-bottle for my short hair and she brought a half litre. Ugh. It was just faster to get her bottle. I simply stepped out of the shower into the main area and grabbed her bottle. I went directly into her shower area and gave her the bottle. She thanked me. I mumbled and went back to my shower. About five of my "other sisters" observed my fetching her shampoo.

By the time we had only two days left we were all openly nude in the bathroom. Sometimes the counselors joined us if their bath area was busy. We became known as the cool group of chaperons. The Friday before we left I was pleased to shave next to a nude counselor Kirsten. Kirsten could be a DOMAI model. I considered my camp "sisters" as DOMAI alumni. At different stages and ages the simple beauty of the female form holds constant. The adults learned as much as the students on this trip.


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