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I am writing this when I read the letter on the guy who showed his son the difference between erotic porn and natural beauty of women. And here I am to share my experience as teen who came to know Domai, which changes his life. The first time I came across this site, it was through a search engine when I was looking for pictures of naked women.

I was only a teen back then. Being a teen was so stressful; not only being occupied by school work, house work and activities, but also my growing self. Passing through the age of puberty and entering life as an adult, I felt that one thing is not complete in my transformation. I could understand the changes in myself as a boy but not as a girl to a young woman. As I move on in my life in school, I can virtually see the difference between a girl to a young woman. By looking at their appearance, their bodies have the curves and shapes that are mysterious to my mind, at that time. I couldn't understand what is under those clothes they are wearing. Never before been exposed to a naked girl, I kept wondering the shapes, sizes and all sorts of things that could make up their bodies.

That was when I did some internet search on naked women. And to my horror, I came across hundreds of sites that were too erotic that I wouldn't want to remind myself. Instead of giving me self-explanatory pictures of naked women body parts, I got lots of them. However, some sites lead me to pictures of naked women posing but in a way that I feel very uncomfortable. Also, everytime I reach the sites, I feel the sense of guilt. My heart beats faster, I perspire and hands shake. It is like looking at women who have low or even no morality; in the way they do things (yucks!! porn is porn!!). And my first though was, every naked women on the internet are like that. I consider them all as porn.

When I came to Domai, everything changes. Accidentally came across to your site, I discover the differences that occur in these naked pictures. Soon it came to me that Domai is something very different!! You know what I mean.

What I see in Domai, makes me feel relaxed. All the stress I am having, suddenly feels as if they are gone. Just by looking at them, I am given the motivation to move on with my life in a relaxed and calm manner.

From looking at the Domai girls, I can understand the true beauties of women. I can see the strength, intelligence, beauty, delightness and finally their believe in their ownself. Women are known to put on their makeups just to look gorgeous. However, being very natural in Domai, the purest beauty of women can be experienced. Being naked is nothing wrong, it is part of nature. We are born that way, and we should not be avoiding them. We should be proud of what have been given to us; a body that is so perfect that even humans can't make one. Domai has proved this. May Domai stand strong and never extinct.

Thanks and regards,
H. Quest

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"I have been enjoying your Beauty of the Day and weekly newsletter for a few weeks or months now, and I finally decided to go ahead and buy a full membership. I'm just a poor college guy so I don't have a lot of money, but I decided I came to this site often enough that paying for a membership would be worth it. As I pulled up the membership page, I noticed that a membership was much cheaper than one of the porn mega-sites, and all those have is unrealistic depictions of smut and filth. And they're $30 or $40 per month! I just don't understand how those places stay in business when there are such great alternatives. Your site is definitely the best of its kind I have seen." - Luca R <>
(Email address used with permission)