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Sometimes it's in hindsight that you discover where it all began...

Water is the source of life, no? We can live for many days without food, but not long without water. Women and water are to me the source of life itself, something so natural and yet so spell-binding.

It struck me recently what it was in my past that affected me so strongly; what lead to my appreciation of that magical combination of beautiful women and water. It was the summer and my brother and I were members of a horse club back in Canada. This club would hold it's annual camp at a girls boarding school, which had the barns and facilities for such an event. Instead of staying in the empty dormitory rooms, we cleaned out our own horse stalls and slept comfortably in sleeping bags on the floor.

My older brother and I were the only male members of the horse club of about twenty females. As such, we were taken under the wings of the two oldest girls, and they would call us their "boyfriends". There was nothing sexual about it, and we quite enjoyed the attention these young ladies gave us. They would sneak into our stall at night with their sleeping bags, telling us the secrets of being a teenager. I can truly say that the girl who chose me, Gwen, was my first crush.

Well, by the end of the camp my brother and I had heard of the girls' plan to go skinny-dipping in the pool on the final night. Believing that strictly no boys would be allowed at such an event, we plotted to spy on them from the darkness of the bushes.

However, our "girlfriends" would have nothing of that, and declared that my brother and I would be invited along! I have some vivid memories of the night of the swim. The darkness of the warm summer evening, being shy about taking my clothes off with so many girls around, but knowing that every one else would be feeling the same. The image that I can still see is that of Gwen and her friend casually taking their clothes off by the poolside (they were the oldest and the most developed, and therefore the most confident), and whispering to my brother and I how great it was to be in the water naked.

I can see them slipping out of their tops and shorts, and me seeing two beautiful women in their underwear and then naked, for the first time. Once we were in the water there was much shrieking and laughing, and I can remember seeing the torch-lights of the girls who stood watch to make sure everyone was safe in the pool. I swam near Gwen and would duck underwater and hold my breath for as long as I could so I could get a glimpse of Gwen in the torch-lights, in all her beauty, gracefully swimming about the pool.

Although I was very young then, and it truly was all so innocent, I think that summer has never left me. I will always be struck by the grace and beauty of the female body under or around water. So I say "bring on the summer, the lakes, the ocean, the pools! let there be water, and thank heaven for beautiful women!"


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"Hello DOMAI: It took me a couple times of looking at the site before I realized that I should try it out, and I suppose you get these testimonials all the time---but like Wow! you really do live up to your reputation!! Without a doubt the finest tribute to the female form I have yet come across on the Internet. As an artist who likes to draw the nude female, I have found it extremely difficult to find the kind of poses that I want, and DOMAI has finally ended my search. Frankly, the average explicit, in-your-face, get-your-rocks-off animal sexuality porno-sites that abound on the Internet contain nothing of interest for me beyond sex for the sake of sex alone. Anyone who sincerely appreciates and is fascinated by the beauty of the nude female body, knows that the DOMAI approach is far more interesting and erotic. It takes a really talented photographer to know how to capture a pose and develop an exposure in just the right way, by careful study of the way light and shadow caress and follow the curves and lines of a beautiful nude. Artists who like to draw and paint women need these kinds of studies if they don't have direct access to a live model. You have put together a superb collection of truly beautiful girls photographed by excellent photographers. You have also avoided including the kind of Penthouse/Playboy cheesy erotic shots that are quite common these days, featuring bondage and soft-core sex that just wouldn't be right on this site. I hope that you'll continue to just keep DOMAI the way it is. After all, there's millions more beautiful girls out there just waiting to be photographed---the subject is definitely endless!! I decided to look at DOMAI again, and decided to join. Nothing to do with your website design or information, I could see that the girls were beautiful and it looked like a very good site. However I didn't realize how large your collection was, or how good!! Your site is very unusual. Thanks." PV in Canada <pvuk[=at=]
(Email address used with permission)

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