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Letters to Domai 1


I just had to write you about how the newsletter, "Uncle Pepe" touched me deeply. I, like you, have a deep appreciation for women.

I am a chiropractic physician and I feel very fortunate to be able to work one on one in private with an ever expanding number of women. Of course I work with both genders, but I especially enjoy the females. In my 15+ years of private practice I have settled into a natural habit of noticing the specialness of each patient that I encounter. I eventually make it a point to share or shall we say reflect back the beauty that I've  witnessed in each individual (especially the ladies). It is really wonderful to watch their beauty blossom to an even greater degree once I describe it to them. It is incredibly enjoyeable! I often dream of what a wonderful place this world could be if we all practiced this.

So now you can see just why I was moved to write you regarding Uncle Pepe'.  You have provided food to further refine my fine art of the compliment.  Just one more example of how Eolake Stobblehouse is enhancing the beauty of this planet.  Thanks! :-)

Dr. M

Letters to Domai 2

I have enjoyed reading the letters of many other readers who have shared stories about their lives and I would like to relate an experience that I had last summer. I had just finished a relaxing day at a California beach and I headed over to one of the outdoor showers located at the edge of the beach. The day was warm but somewhat overcast, and so the beach was almost deserted by the time I decided to go home. I had already rinsed the sand out of my swim trunks and was about ready to leave when two beautiful women stepped up under the other two shower heads. Both were blonde with nicely tanned and perfectly proportioned bodies. They spoke to each other in what I guessed was a Scandinavian language, probably Swedish or Norwegian.

I figured that, like me, they were just going to rinse the sand out of their hair and swimsuits, but after a few moments under the shower spray, one of the women casually reached back, undid her bikini top, and held it under the spray to rinse it off. Within moments, the other woman did the same and I enjoyed the view as they both casually stood there topless under the warm water. Both had very visible tan lines suggesting that the two women did not usually suntan in the nude. Still, they were totally at ease as they washed their hair and talked to each other. I was even more surprised when one of the two women slipped off her bikini bottom, rinsed it off , and then began to lather her body with some liquid soap she had brought with her. The other lady seemed a bit more cautious, perhaps because there were still a few people nearby, but eventually she stripped off her bikini bottom and continued her shower. What an unexpected delight to watch two beautiful women shower completely nude just a few feet way from me. Their figures were flawless and the contrast of the deeply tanned bodies and the smooth white skin of their untanned breasts and backsides made them even more attractive.

I guess I must have admired them a little too long, because they looked over at me and laughed. Almost as if to challenge me, one of the women pointed to my swimsuit and offered me her tube of liquid soap. I still can't believe that I did it, but I grabbed the soap, slipped off my trunks, and joined them in a glorious outdoor shower. When I returned the soap, my new friends smiled and playfully clapped their hands together as if to applaud my courage to go nude with them. I guess it helped that there were very few people around, but it still felt very exhilarating. I can now appreciate the natural feeling of freedom enjoyed by people who go skinnydipping at nude beaches and clothing optional resorts.

All too quickly, it was time for all of us to dry off and get dressed. This happened last summer, but it is still one of the most memorable moments of my life. I can still picture those two stunning bodies glistening with soap suds and water, and I can still visualize their friendly faces as they laughed and talked. The women were completely comfortable with their bodies and they showed no signs of shame or concern as they showered nude in the open air. I have heard my friends tell me that nudity is more common on European beaches, and I am sure that these two Scandinavian beauties felt completely natural as they went about the process of washing away sand and suntan oil after a day at the beach. How wonderful it would be if our society were more enlightened to the point that such simple celebrations of the beauty of the human body would be accepted without incident or concern.


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