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Years ago I served my church in Northern Brazil as a minister/missionary. I have always been a deeply spiritual person with a burning desire to do some good before I leave this earth. I was raised in a strict religious home. My parents taught me to have a great love for the earth, nature, and my fellow human beings. Most of their teaching prepared me to be a good member of society and appreciate god's great creations. However, I was also taught that I should not enjoy nude art or pictures of nude women. Growing up in a small town with similar values this ideology that nudity is bad was continually reinforced. My parents were happy when I announced that I would be going to Brazil on a mission for our church. As I boarded that plane headed for Brazil I was excited to finally be doing something I had dreamed of for so long.

One of the first things I noticed in Brazil was the scant amount of clothing the natives wore (if they wore anything at all). I found my self turning red when a women came to church without a shirt. When I blushed and looked away, she thought that I was unhappy with her. A fellow missionary told me that I was going to have to let my old inhibitions go regarding modesty or I wouldn't be able to be an effective minister. That night I prayed that god would help me to see the beauty of the people I was sent there to help and not be embarrassed by my own curiosity. The next day I found that I could look at the villagers in the eyes and appreciate them the way god created them. I started to realize that I didn't need to be embarrassed by god's majesty!

Most of my time in Brazil was spent sharing a message of peace and love. I would occasionally have time to take a walk on the beach. One day while walking along the beach I noticed a mother and daughter that were vacationing from Germany. They pulled a blanket out for a picnic. I was surprised when they promptly took off their bathing suits off, but by then I had learned appreciate god's creation without feeling embarrassed. The mother looked to be in her late 40s and the daughter was around 20. The mother had large breasts with pink nipples. The daughter's breasts were similarly shaped with larger areola. They were both beautiful. There was no lust in the way I appreciated their form. My pulse may have quickened a bit, but I had no sexual intentions.

As I came closer to their blanket they called out to me in German. I explained that I only spoke Portuguese and English. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they spoke Portuguese. They asked me to join them for a bit and I did. They explained they were on vacation from Germany and I explained why I had left my small home town in America. As we sat and watched the water I looked around at all the other vacationers and Brazilians with little or no clothing. I took a deep breath and thanked god that I could enjoy all these beautiful women without feeling bad or dirty. In fact I felt more at peace with myself and nature.

After a time these beautiful German goddesses played in the water while I watched. They were both fit and perfectly comfortable with all the onlookers as they danced in the water, their breasts swaying in motion with their playful rhythm. I noticed the fullness of their bottoms and the brown patch of hair above their pubic area. As they came out of the water the mother looked at me and said, "Don't you think that god's creations are truly magnificent!" I had to agree wholeheartedly. As we said goodbye I reflected on how grateful I was for this new appreciation.

Coming back to America I had tried to find pictures that respected women and their diversity for many years without much luck. I wanted to recapture that feeling I had in Brazil on the beach. I have no interest in the fake women that so many try to advertise. Air brushed and digitally enhanced to the point that the natural beauty is no longer recognizable. I am married now, my wife and I the same views on the subject of the natural nude form. Much to our joy we recently found DOMAI. Here we find women the way god intended. Simply beautiful! We look forward to sharing your site with others.

Thank you for setting the standard in nude art!


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I have looked at pictures of naked women on the internet for some 20 years now. I've seen good and not so good. You are, of course, the best. A few pretenders do a nice job, but they'll never be DOMAI.

But here's another wrinkle that amazes me. You provide high quality, excellent photographs of lovely women ... at a bargain price! Some of the aforementioned sites charge two, three, even four times what you do and, were one to subscribe, deliver a definitely inferior product. I've seen sites as high as $50 a month!

I don't subscribe to DOMAI just because it's a bargain, but I appreciate that, too.

Frank H <>
(Email address used with permission)