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I live in Mexico and for most of you in Europe it would be suprising how little it takes to make a sacandal. Nudity and sexuality are specially touchy topics. For instance, A few years ago there was this cartoon called Ranma 1/2 about a master-of martial-arts-boy with a terrible curse: everytime his body comes in contact with cold water he turns into a girl! I'll let you imagine all the hilarious situations this brought, but the point is that people were offended by this: first, all the nudity in the show was censored (and it was necesary for the story), then Many people just didn't get how terrible Ranma's curse was: being turned to you eyes and everybody elses's into something that you aren't.. and with no way of proving the opposite.

I must know, I had the same curse.

I, of course, don't turn into a girl, a panda or a piglet, but the Internet turned me into someting I wasn't. I have always admired the beuaty of women in the nude and when the internet began one the first things I discovered was the amazing amounts of nudity it had. You know how it is at first: you surf a little you find something, chuckle to yourself and turn around you while you hit save button on whatever you downloded. In my case this went on for a while, but the more I looked for, the less I liked what I found. Loads and loads of hardcore that turned pretty women into mere sexual beings, deployed of all beauty. Photos of women with "Enhaced" breasts that to me looked like a Ferrari turned into a monster truck. The list is endless. Out of a hundred pictures I must have kept like five or six. After a while I lowered my standars and started saving things that I did't really liked, but were so so, like if there was a pretty girl so I just tried to ignore the guy having an orgasm next to her.

Without me knowing I had turned into (lack of a better word) a pervert. But I wasn't a pervert in the first place! I just happend to like pretty naked women. But of course, I didn't have reference to know this at the time. So I hid. I was afraid of myself and where this obession would lead me.

An then I found DOMAI.

The first time I Visited DOMAI, I stared at the photos for a long time. not the quick look, but really staring. I just could not believe so much beauty. Beauty not only of your models, but also of the photos themselves. I must have stared at the Beauty of the Day a whole minute before realizing it. "This is it!" I tought "this is the kind of pictures I realy like". So I kept looking and I lack the words to tell you what I felt when I saw Katy May smiling at me from the river (Similing! really smiling! not just twisting her mouth upwards of faking a feeling, but really smiling!) And when I saw Kinga in the wheat field, just existing there, was absolutely beautiful.

So I saw all those photos (and many more, of course) and I could not help thinking how mislead have I been in what I thought I liked. Now I look at the my pre-DOMAI photos and I find them Lacking, empty. It's almost like looking at some Discovery channel documentary on primate procreation under stressing circumstances. I could say a lot about that, but the bottom line is I hadn't realized how little I liked them.

DOMAI is a mirror where I looked at myself and saw a face I had forgotten. I saw myself as a sane person who likes the opposite sex and should not be ashamed of that. I saw taste and beauty triumph over pornography. Thank you DOMAI for remiding me who I am.


[Fernando later wrote the addition below.]

...the recent mass nudity event in the central Square of Mexico city has everybody talking about nudity, and furthermore, freedom; again here, but under new lights. True it is the many still oppose, for the same reasons they have always had (we have to grant them they are consistent, don't we?) but for many of us that didn't have a chance to go was a signal that the times are changing, that barriers can be broken that those of us who think that the mind of people can be collectively changed for the best, we still have reasons to believe. For those who participated... well, the experiences were as unique as each of the thousands who were there, but a friend of mine (female) tells me "I felt free in my own country for the first time in my life"

So we go back to the basic idea, Feeling good with yourself. When I first found DOMAI, it made me feel good about myself. It still does, and the publishing of that letter must be some kind of climax. Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Fernando

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