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Letters to DOMAI: One Woman's Story


I don't even know how to begin this letter. If I explained everything that has happened to me in the past couple of months, I would end up with a book so I will try to condense it. I have to say, it is amazing how life can change so fast and how one person can have such a huge impact on another person.

I was raised in a faith based home. Nudity was never really talked about that much. I cannot remember ever being told verbally that nudity was bad, but I do not think that it was ever appreciated for what it is. I remember being spanked by my dad because my sister and I were in the bedroom playing naked. When he walked in the room I remember feeling ashamed and embarrassed and I knew we would be in trouble. As I got older I associated nudity with sex. I never really thought of the two being separate. Nudity made me uncomfortable, in fact, I had a hard time seeing myself naked in the mirror. I would not look at myself because I felt ashamed or that I was doing something that was wrong. I am 26 and it is sad that I went through all those years feeling ashamed of my body and feeling like I had to hide it and could not appreciate it.

In April I developed a relationship with an amazing person who had a powerful impact on my life. Lawrence (an active visitor on Domai) was upfront with me about his lifestyle and how he felt about nudity. He had a similar experience with his daughters (which he shared in a letter to Domai) that I had with my dad. After he disciplined his girls for being nude he realized it was not right and changed his view on nudity. He is now a nudist and when he explained how he had developed his views on nudity, it started to make sense to me. We spent quiet a bit of time talking about it and I remember one day I was sitting with him talking about nudity and a light bulb went off for me.

I looked at him and realized that God created the human form so why should I be ashamed or embarrassed of my body. In Genesis 1:31 it says, "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good". Song of Solomon is an amazing book in the Bible that describes the human body in beautiful language. It was becoming more and more clear to me, if God created the human form and said it was very good there should be no shame in it.

Lawrence told me about Domai sometime in May because there was a letter that he shared with me to help me understand where he was coming from and with my background he thought it would clarify some things for me. He read a letter to me that was written by a woman (Rebekah) and one that was written by a man with a faith based background and I was amazed. I wanted to see the website so he showed it to me and I have to admit I blushed a bit.

I was kind of uncomfortable with the pictures at first and could not figure out the purpose of them. Lawrence spent some time patiently explaining the purpose of the website and the difference between the girls on Domai and the girls in magazines such as Playboy. A few days ago I went on the site by myself to get a better grasp of what Lawrence had explained to me and I read some of the other letters people had submitted and I finally got it. I started to appreciate the girls, the pure joy I saw in their faces, and the beauty of their body and of my own body. I have to say it is a process for me but I am becoming so much more comfortable with my body each day.

I wanted to write this letter because I want to help other women who may be on the site trying to figure things out like I was not too long ago. I want to thank you for the site as I am not the only woman who has been changed by it. I also want to thank Lawrence for patiently helping me through the process of appreciating the nude body and the beauty of it.


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"You and the DOMAI site spoil me as a member. I could not imagine being satisfied with another site such as this ever again... All the models are extremely beautiful: each in their own way. They all seem to possess a genuineness and honesty that is very appealing. They all seem approachable, the kind of women that one could talk to without feeling intimidated and the kind of women one would not feel a need to try to intimidate them. I know I have said this before but Thank You again for all the hard work you put into making DOMAI the quality site that it is. It is appreciated." - ROBERT A <dreamweaver40m[=at=]>
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