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Letters to DOMAI


On a hot summer night the late shift ended at midnight. The shop was a terribly hot contrast to the gentle night breeze on the moonlit beach. Even at night, the temperature held up to make for a comfortable 1am adventure.

A nice cool night splash would be a fantastic and very welcome relief. Little did I know how welcome it would soon be. The swim was planned from earlier that day. Towels and trunks waited in strategic placement in the front seat for retrieval at the right moment later that night.

The moment finally arrived. Walking alone, along the shore past the last of the houses, faint voices became gradually more clear as the beach was only one more small sand dune away. Reaching the top of the dune's gentle rise, I beheld a beautiful shadowed sight of three young maidens also just arriving from the other direction. The soft light of the moon was such that it somewhat concealed my arrival while giving gentle light to theirs.

The beach was empty other than them and myself. Apparently they had the same idea to cool off. They however had one totally unexpected extra plan. I didn't wish to startle them, so paused a moment to contemplate how to complete my arrival such that they would not be made uncomfortable.

It only took a moment. To my delight the three of them stopped, dropped their things on towels, and began to undress. Oh my! As they undressed, it became clear that they were then wearing nothing more than their birthday suits and not planning to use swim suits. They talked softly as they made their way into the comfort of the mild blackness of the night water. It seemed they were slightly nervous about the idea of their own skinnydipping even though there was nobody else around to scold them.

No longer content to just stay on the dune while they had all the fun, I decided to simply 'arrive' calmly. Hopefully they would not object if I joined the swim. I walked forward and arrived to the shocked squeal of one of the young ladies. "Oh my gosh, someone's here!".

I responded softly and calmly. "Hello there! Nice night for a swim." They seemed a bit nervous about the moment, yet it was dark enough that they were still only barely more than beautiful moon-kissed shadows. I talked quietly with them a moment about the plight of having worked in the shop and how ready I was to cool off. "But we don't have any suits on!"

"Well that seems fair enough to me since there are three of you and only one of me." I responded. "Oh, I guess its alright-c'mon in!"

After selecting my spot and placing a large towel, for the first time in my young life I pulled my clothes off in front of not one, not two, but three beautiful young ladies. In my own young conservative nervousness I steeled against self consciousness, faced the destination, and joined the shadows in the embrace of the night air and the warm water. The blend of coolness and warmth felt fantastic on overheated skin.

We talked a bit, splashed a bit, and greatly enjoyed the night. The incredible reflective blackness of water mixed with the full moonlight. The not quite still air made for a welcome relief from the days stress and labor. After a calm bit of talk, quiet satisfaction, and pleasing view, my newly discovered friends decided it was time for them to go.

They treated me by making the journey to the beach one at a time over a few minutes. Gentle curves graced the beach with a natural beauty that made my young pulse race. As each one left the water, three of Michigans finest each revealed a beautifully soft white behind and gentle curves of their flowering femininity as they each faced back towards the water to dress.

Today, twenty five years later, as I open another DOMAI image, I am reminded of the clean and pure beauty of those soft curved young ladies so long ago on Muskegon Lake. A marina cuts a swath across that old beach, but its traffic cannot dim the memory of three beautiful roses swimming in the moonlight on a very warm summer night.

Today, deep within me, a powerful compelling force often requires a pause, and a whisper of a quiet message to the beautiful women who grace these pages. In this short message, I believe it would be proper to speak out for many of us, to each one of you who has entrusted us to see your beauty here.

From the bottom of our hearts I/we offer this message to all the models of DOMAI:

"Thank you for revealing your clean, pure beauty"
"Thank you for having so much courage to face the cameras without shame, fear, or embarassment" "Thank you for offering your trust"
"Thank you for the warmth of your hearts revealed in your gentle, sweet smiles"
"Thank you for simply... Being free within yourselves"
"Finally, thank you for allowing us to participate in your freedom as we see the contentment made visible in your relaxed unclothed openness and happy faces"


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