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Letters to DOMAI


I never thought that I would find myself writing to you. Why? You may well ask!

I have been a practicing Christian now since 1983. I was brought up in a strict Evangelical surrounding about which have no regrets for all that was taught me has stood me in good stead these 24 years.

I acquired a computer back in 2003 and what it opened to me was a source of trouble and mental anguish until recently. I happened upon ( it's so easy to say that but I did) a naturist web site, which only increased my appetite for as much of the female form as the Internet could throw at me, the only thing I would not do was to subscribe to any of the sites.

Whenever I had a pang on conscience, I would delete all the images that I had downloaded and things would settle, but not for long. I would always find an excuse to start looking again. What comes to mind at this point is this, that I ALWAYS began looking at Domai, and was so grateful that in those days all the newsletters were available with pictures. This pang of conscience/deleting/starting with Domai again, has been repeated so many times that I cannot count the number.

Last year, with not a little hesitation I took out a subscription to your site, a decision that I have never regretted. Since last year, there have been many forays into pornography, not hard stuff, but forays none the less. Every time there would be that resolve not to go 'there' again.

Without tiring you with all that went on mentally during this time, I will 'cut to the chase'. Many times had I brought this before God in prayer, with apparently no avail (how wrong can one be!) until just a couple of months ago. Having an analytical brain, as I have can, at times, be some kind of torture, but it has worked out for the good. I came to realise that God made me to have certain desires, and feelings towards the opposite sex, and that to ask Him to remove them would be base and incorrect, because His Word tells us that He saw all that He had made and it was good. The point of all this is that eventually, through a torturous route of mental anguish and torment, I have come to that realisation that the female form is not something to be disgusted by, but something to be admired in all its various forms and shapes and sizes.

It is what man has done with the female form that has cheapened it and debased it, but I do not find this to be so with the content of your site, I find it to be a haven from the coarseness that is out there on the Internet, it is a place where I can look at and admire the female form as it was intended to be looked at, where the nude female form can be viewed as something of beauty, which of course it is.

So, first of all, thanks to God for bringing me through this torturous time to a place of liberty and freedom, and for ever putting it on your heart to have such a site as this, which no doubt means so many things to so many people, but it is a special place for me as well, for all the reasons that have been stated, and those which may be inferred by the reader. So, thank You God, and thank you Eolake, long may you prosper.

Yours sincerely, David, Birmingham, UK

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