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My name is Terrell and I am indeed a Domai fan. I grew up in the south as a country boy from Texas. Nudity has always been a taboo thing, especially for black people raised as a Southern Baptist. The only people we heard about who did stuff like that was "crazy white people". Black people just didn't do that. Despite my upbringing however, I enjoyed the liberating feeling of being naked, but I had to keep that interest suppressed. My guilt was unbearable at times. Nudity equated to sex, plain and simple. The most I'd do what slide off my shorts after I had climbed in bed and put them back on before I got up. That ended when I got a beating once after a random check revealed my secret.

It wasn't until I joined the army and got my first duty assignment in Germany in 1998 that all this changed. I arrived right before the summer got started. This was my first time being out of Texas and now I was in a totally new country. A fellow soldier asked if I wanted to go to the "swim-bad", (swimming pool). In Texas, the heat made everyone a frequent visitor of the pool or any source of water. We got about half way there and my friend realized that this would be my first time visiting there. He stopped me and explained that I would more than likely see some naked chicks sunning in the open. He was concerned that being a newbie, I wouldn't be able to handle it and might embarrass him. I thought this was just another prank played on the newcomers, but I was wrong. Indeed, I couldn't handle it. Everywhere I looked young ladies (and even an octogenarian) where either naked or topless. I spent much of my time standing chest deep in the pool. The place was near closing by the time I got out... seriously.

After that experience, I came in constant contact with German and European women who simply had no inhibitions about nudity. It was just not a big deal. On one occasion, a lady I was talking to at a bus stop, had a boob that slipped out unbeknownst to her. Not a nipple-slip, mind you her whole left breast was starring at me. My mind raged trying to figure out a way to tell her with out causing her unmentionable embarrassment. I ended up gesturing. She looked down, tucked herself away and didn't even lose her train of thought.

Toward the end of the summer, I returned to the swim-bad, by myself. Not many people were there. Suddenly I heard my name and a girl I had met before was running over to me topless. She grabbed my arm and led me over to a blanket under a tree. To my instant horror, of the 7 women sitting on this blanket, only two had at least bikini bottoms on and the girl who brought me over was pulling her's back off. Apparently, if you were walking around it was preferred that you cover your bottom half, but while lounging you could take it all off. I was introduced to each person, but to my amazement, I didn't feel an uncontrollable compulsion to run away. It felt okay, in fact! That was my epiphany! That was the moment for me that I finally understood in my heart of hearts, nudity was NOT a bad thing. Nudity didn't automatically equate to sex. Again, I stayed almost till the place closed, but this time I was enjoying the company of 6 beautiful and naked women with no "issues". The two girls who had their bottoms on had to leave soon after I was introduced. We even discussed my newfound comfortability and they were pleased I could make that adjustment in a short period to time. Most GIs spend their entire tour of duty trying not to break their necks from looking left and right so much.

It was also then that I learned to appreciate the female form without the hindrance of lust in my loins. It was like looking at a beautiful picture in the dark and someone turns a light on for you. You suddenly realize what you had been missing. I got back to the states and went to college after my honorable discharge. I modeled nude for an art class which, being a black man, was something new. I was in demand. I inquired as to my popularity and was told by one instructor that "For whatever reason, black men just don't do this". I still volunteer from time to time. I have even had the opportunity to share my liberations in Colorado where it seemed like everyone was taking their clothes off. I loved it.

I have now become an art photographer principally photographing the female nude figure. I don't seem to have a problem finding available models, except when it comes to black women go figure. I love what I do and hope to use my business background to make art photography my career. I love what Domai promotes and am glad that in a WWW full of less classy material, Domai can be a safe-haven for those who have the gift to honestly appreciate a work of art in the female form.

Thank you. Terrell (web site)

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"Quality, Originality, and Honesty are hard to find on the internet these days, but Domai is all three and more! Keep up the great work!" - Jay R.
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