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I was on a hostelling break in the hills of north west England near where I live. I took a path up a narrow side valley as I had to cross over into the next valley. I saw a stream below the path and wandering down to investigate I soon came to an inviting pool. It was a warm day and I felt sticky so I had a quick glance around, saw no one, and slipped out of my T shirt and shorts. I've always loved the freedom of skinny dipping when alone, and people become more relaxed about these things when in the hills. I lowered myself into the water, it was cold at first as I swam round the pool. I swam across to explore the bubble bath where the stream came into the pool.

It had narrowed to come down a smooth chute of rock. The current was exhilarating too strong to stay in it, so I felt around for hand holds on the rock. Then I discovered that I could pull myself up into the chute. A powerful stream of water buffeted me all over, it felt just terrific. I wriggled about putting first one shoulder then the other in the current and letting it play all over me. With difficulty I turned round so I could sort of sit in the chute gripping with the heels of my hands on holds down at waist height. I moved so the jet played all over my back, the weight of water was just short of being painful, the most penetrating massage I've ever had. Eventually I let go and slid down, surfacing in a pool of bubbles, and swam across to the flat rock where my pack and clothes were. I hadn't realized I was cold till then. I got dry and dressed in the sun, and a bit reluctantly shouldered my pack and said goodbye to the pool, knowing I'd be back, but not realizing quite how soon!

About a quarter of a mile further up the path I rounded a corner and came face to face with two girls sitting on a large boulder having a break. They were so obviously twins that I said "you must be sisters!" this got a laugh, so I pointed to a patch of grass next to their boulder saying "is this seat taken?" as I sat down. They were about twenty, with pleasant faces and straight dark hair. One, in a T shirt, did most of the talking - her sister, with long sleeves, seemed a little shy. We chatted for a while. I asked which way they had come and where they were going. They had to go down the path to get back to their campsite. Then T shirt asked me where I had come from so I told them about my water massage. She seemed really interested, and when I said "I've never felt so thoroughly clean all over as when I climbed out" she said "please will you show us where it is". I'm sure I was just like all Domai readers in being only too happy to oblige! We strolled back down the path and I found the place again.

T shirt looked at the chute doubtfully and said "please show us where the handholds are before you go" I agreed, then I remembered I didn't have any trunks with me and said so. She said she didn't mind, but I said "I don't want to be the only one with nothing on". She replied "I'll have to go topless as I need to keep this shirt dry, will that do?" I knew what was about to happen if she didn't wear a one piece suit so I just smiled a yes. We both took our things off but she kept her panties on. She was slender and toned, with smooth white skin and lovely small breasts.

Long sleeves was undressing hesitantly. I slid into the water first and we swam across to the chute. I said "watch me" and showed where the holds were as I pulled myself up, and let the water play over me. I soon forgot I was naked it all seemed so natural. I slid down the chute so T shirt could have her turn. She swam up to the rock, managed to reach the first two holds and tried to pull herself up. She tried several times but didn't have the strength in her fingers, and each time she fell back into the pool. The last time she gave up, looking tired and very disappointed.

I then had the idea of climbing up and helping from above. I found a couple of footholds near the top and reached down to grasp her outstretched wrist. I pulled her up so I could grasp her other wrist and swung her lovely body into the current. Within seconds the inevitable happened. The current billowed into her panties and the elastic was no match for it, it whisked them down her legs and out of sight. She let out a loud squeal of surprise and embarrassment. I couldn't let go of her hands, so there was nothing at all she could do. Being the gentleman that I am I lifted her arms higher so her bottom went deeper into the water, which gushed round her small waist and covered her thighs in bubbles. I felt her arms begin to shake, and saw her chest was heaving so I could see every rib - I realized T shirt was convulsed with giggles!

I turned her over on her tummy and stretched her out in the water, still giggling uncontrollably! I lifted her hands so her back arched, then lowered them so the current gushed over her breasts pressing them flat. Such long and sinuously beautiful curves, emphasised by the water streaking round and over her.

I glanced at long sleeves still on the bank, she was laughing like her twin and now taking the last of her clothes off as fast as she could. I moved T shirt's arms around and up and down for a minute or two so the water could play on her front, then she looked up and said "now massage my back please". I crossed my hands to roll her over, and lifted them at the same time so she was sitting in the water, the current pounded into her lower back and round her waist. She looked just like a mermaid. Now I slowly lowered her arms so the water could massage her upper back. Most of it began to flow under her body and I could now see that she was not a mermaid at all but wonderfully human! Water was flowing in streaks through her dark pubic hair.

Long sleeves was swimming in the pool below us begging for her turn. I hoisted T shirt up beside me and together we reached down and took a hand each, pulling long sleeves up into the current. She gasped as it hit her chest and tummy, then began to laugh. She was as slim and beautifully formed as her sister, I could only tell them apart because T shirt was glowing pink all over with the cold and the buffeting she'd had. We twisted and turned long sleeves in the gushing water till it had pummelled all over her body. She looked as sleek and graceful as an otter.

Before she could get too cold we let go of her and she slid down and below the surface, coming up in the pool. Then we both slid down the chute and swam back to the bank. I climbed out and gave a hand to the two girls to help them out, at once they put their arms round me in a big hug and thanked me. I cold feel their bodies still laughing. We held each other for a minute till we began to feel the warmth of each others bodies, naturally I was hoping that moment would go on for ever!

We got dressed and talked for a while, then I had to say a reluctant goodbye. How I wish I'd had my camera with me!

I love nature in all its forms, hills, lakes, waterfalls, I could go on. To me women and their bodies are one of the most beautiful things in nature. I've always loved nature photography ever since I was given a box brownie as a boy (I still treasure it) and I would love to photograph women in nature too. I have visions of water polished boulders graced by slender limbs, a beautiful woman sitting in dappled light on a bed of moss, or standing amongst young birch stems. I wonder if any of your women readers would like the adventure of modelling on a trip to the Lake District while I found ways to show her true beauty. I know some lovely safe places, and I would be very supportive of anyone who was shy and unsure. We could keep the pictures private - or who knows - together we might one day create pictures for Domai! If you are interested write to me at ckayaker[--at--]


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