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What a website! I love your newsletters, and thought you might be interested to hear about a treat I received when I was a teenager. Every summer when I was growing up my folks and I used to go visit my cousin's family for a couple of weeks at their farm near Green Lakes, in central New York State. The lake was only a short distance away from the farm, and my older cousin Jack and I used to go there most every day to swim, or walk around the lake in the path that circled the lake. There was a sandy beach at one end of the lake, where everyone usually swam. But there was a special spot not quite half-way around the lake that had some rocks that you could dive off of, into deeper water. That spot was in a small inlet in the lake, so it was pretty much protected from the view of the people on the beach.

One hot day my cousin Jack (who was about my age) and I had been swimming at the beach in the morning and ate lunch at the food stand next to the beach. After soaking up some more rays, we decided to take a hike around the lake about mid-afternoon. When we rounded a bend in the path, at a distance we saw three lovely girls, all three of them about our age also. We could see that they were diving off the rocks into the deeper pool, swimming, and having a generally good time. Jack's pace walking definitely slowed down as we approached the girls. As it turned out, Jack knew two of them, who were schoolmates of his.

Once the two girls recognized Jack they waved hello to us and swam to shore. Lisa had long dark hair almost down to her buttocks, and was slender and quite beautiful with a fantastic smile! She could probably have been on the cover of a magazine. April was shorter, but really perky - a cheerleader type, full of bounce. Lizbeth was a friend of the other two, and had bright red hair, thick with curls, and sort of shy. They invited us to stay and swim with them, which we did for a couple of hours. We had a great time diving off the rocks, swimming, and just conversing with these lovely girls. Jack and I did some showing off for them with our dives, as I suppose many young men would have done in our shoes. Jack could always do a really perfect jackknife dive. (something I could never master.) My 'claim to fame' was that I could hold my breath under water for a long time and travel for a distance before I had to come up for air.

After a while the girls said that they had to leave to go to dinner. But before they left, Lisa huddled together with the other two girls to discuss something privately among themselves. When they finished, Lisa asked: " Would you two like to meet us back here tonight after dark? The park is closed, I know, but you can walk around the gate and get in, and you don't live that far away. Besides, the moon is close to full, so we can see well enough to make it here easily. And maybe we will have a special treat for you two! " Jack and I smiled at each other, and enthusiastically agreed to the night-time rendez-vous with the girls.

After supper we helped with kitchen cleanup, and then played some cards with my younger cousins for a while as we were waiting for it to get dark, since we were still on daylight-savings time. Then we said good night to everyone, and went to the bunk-house and actually got into bed, all the time knowing that we would not sleep at all. When it got close to the time for our encounter with the girls, we snuck out of the back window and off we went toward the lake.

As we walked quietly to the meeting spot, my heart was pounding. By the time we reached the lake, our eyes had become accustomed to the night, and we could see that the girls were already swimming in the inlet. But what I could hardly believe was that next to the towels on the rocks were the girls' swimsuits! The called to us: "Come on in, boys, the water is fantastic. But there is one condition: You have to leave your swimming trunks on the rocks." The moon was pretty high in the sky and the moonlight was pretty bright. So even from the shore I could make out the lines of the girls swimming in just their natural beauty.

Jack and I dutifully dropped our swimming trunks, left them on the rocks, and dove into the water towards the girls. I held my breath and swam underwater closer and closer to the girls. From beneath the surface I could dimly see the outline of Lisa's lovely breasts and dark pubic hair. She was tanned but still light enough to catch some of the moonlight. April was bobbing in the water, and her abundant breasts were doing the same. I could see the curve of her shapely hips, free of any clothing. I was mesmerized! And Lizbeth had perky little breasts. I swam under the girls and came up behind them, noticing their lovely buttocks, each proportioned to their frame. Lisa's was more lithe; April's was chubby and cute. And Lizbeth's derriere was totally white you could make out the tan-lines of her bikini very clearly.

Finally I had to come up for air, and it surprised girls for a moment that I was behind them. But we all had a good laugh about it. We swam around in the water for a while, chatting in the warm lake water, and I frequently slipped under water. After a while Lisa, who had organized the encounter, suggested that we lay up on the rocks for to dry off. We did so, and for the first time in my life I got to see three beautiful girls laying stretched out completely naked right before me just as the Lord created them. I was amazed. My heart was pounding again, and I was totally embarrassed when my body began to react to the sight. I apologized, saying that I had never seen girls naked before. But April and Lizbeth mentioned shyly that this was the first time they had ever seen boys naked too, so I needn't be ashamed. Their words and their kindness made me feel more comfortable.

We stayed on the rocks for perhaps another half an hour. But after a while the mosquitoes got a little too hungry for us, and we decided to head for home, thanking the girls for the delightful treat that they had shared with us. We walked the girls to the gate and went around it, and then said good night. I really wanted to say something clever, but the best I could come up with was " Thanks so much for the treat!" April smiled and said: "I hope you liked it!" I told her truthfully that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me in my whole life. I remember that as Jack and I walked away from the girls in the opposite direction, Lisa turned back and waved. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me in the moonlight, she winked at us. It was a night from heaven!

Jake and I didn't speak much on the way home. But every once in a while, one or the other of us would simply say: " WOW!" or "Can you believe it?!" I hardly slept a wink that night. I just kept remembering the amazing sight that I had seen. It was like a dream. Over and over in my mind's eye, I kept seeing these beautiful girls, Lisa, April, and Lizbeth, swimming and playing and laying in the summer moonlight. Lisa was the one the most likely would be seen as an extraordinary beauty by others, I think. But they were all beautiful to me, and to this day I am grateful for the gift of that night at Green Lakes Park.


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