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One of my favorite pastimes (besides admiring pretty girls) is playing hockey. Not something that's usually associated with pretty girls, but somehow, that is where my story begins.

At the rink where I play, there's more than one rink, used for hockey as well as figure skating and free skating. There are many locker rooms, too, and in between each locker room, there's a bathroom/shower room that is shared by both rooms on either side. Normally the way the rooms are booked there are no two teams sharing a shower room. This only added to the surprise of what I found after a late night hockey game not too long ago.

It was a 10:00 game after a long day of classes. The game went pretty well, but by the end I was totally beat. As every muscle in my body ached, I took the longest time of everybody to peel my pads off of my sweating body. By the time I had my clothes off everyone was showered and walking out the door. That meant I was alone in the shower room, which was fine with me, because I had the time and the silence to think. My thoughts were quickly interrupted, though, when the door from the opposite locker room swung open.

I didn't really look up right away, though I was wondering why they had put another team in the locker room right next to ours. Instead of a big, sweaty hockey player it turned out to be a tall, long-legged brunette with a towel wrapped around her slim figure. I was pretty surprised, but not as surprised as she was. She jumped and let out a slight yelp.

For a moment I was scared that she was going to leave, but then she smiled and giggled at how startled she was. She apologized, and asked if it was alright if she joined me. She had a beautiful voice. I said I didn't mind at all, and she pulled the towel away from her slender figure and hung it up on one of the hooks. She then walked over to where I was and stood before the shower head right next to the one I was using. She held out her hand and said softly "I'm Jolina." I smiled and took her hand "I'm Eric."

She turned on the shower and water rained onto her tanned, naked body. She threw her long, straight hair behind her head with her long, muscular arms. The water ran down her slender legs. "You must be a figure skater," I commented, turning my eyes from her legs to her face. She smiled, "Yeah," then ran her eyes up and down my body quickly, "hockey?" "Yeah I replied, and couldn't help but smile, she was so cute. She ran her hands from her neck down over her lovely wet breasts down to her stomach. As she began rubbing shampoo into her hair she said something, but with the echo of the shower room I couldn't tell what she said for the life of me, but it sounded like it was a statement rather than a question, so I could just smile and nod as I admired her gorgeous body. She then continued- she must have been saying something about figure skating, but all I was paying attention to was her trim, muscular stomach, her red nail polished fingers and toes, her perfectly even tan.

After listening to her speak for a while longer we both turned off our showers and stepped out of the echoing shower room and into the bathroom area and began to dry off. She went in ahead of me, and I was able to admire her smooth back and her cute little bare behind. She continued to talk as we dried off, and I was trying so hard to keep my eyes on her face. I think she realized this, because she held her towel away from her body in one hand and said with that cute smile "You can look." I smiled guiltily, as she must have noticed me admiring her the whole time. But, I would never give up the opportunity to look at a beautiful nude girl. So I did. She started giggling, and then I finally realized that it was because she could see that my hormones were getting the best of me. I blushed profusely, but I didn't cover up though, as she didn't for me. We had a good laugh, and when we finished drying off she said "Nice meeting you, Eric." "You too, Jolina," I replied.

That wasn't the last time I saw her, in fact, her figure skating schedule must match my hockey schedule somehow, because I nearly always see her smiling face, and she'll give me a wave. Sometimes if I have enough time before a game I can sneak away and talk to her or watch her skate. But unfortunately, whoever coordinates the locker rooms hasn't made any mistakes since.


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