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I saw the link on your website for entries into the newsletter contest, and so I am including here the account of a most interesting day in my life many years ago. My story is a bit long, but I hope you find it interesting enough to use. Here it is:

I discovered your site a few weeks ago and I have been fascinated by the wide range of personal stories that you have featured in the newsletter section. As I have read the interesting experiences that your readers have shared, some very fond memories of a once-in-a-lifetime situation in which I found myself about ten years ago came rushing back to me.

A good friend of mine had been fascinated with some of the fledgling strip poker software products that were available at that time. He liked the concept, but he was put off by all of the games because the women featured as players always seemed to have that phony look with fake breasts and plastic smiles. He thought that he had the technical expertise to create a more challenging game, and so he began programming a game with a better user interface. The key to his concept was the plan to use images of some real girls who possessed that "girl next door" natural beauty instead of the unappealing "manufactured" appearance of the women who appeared in most adult software titles.

I knew very little about computer games back then, but when Tom started asking a few of us if we were willing to invest in the project, I decided that it might be interesting and agreed to put some money toward the new venture. I had assumed that Tom would handle all of the facets of the production process, so I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that I was welcome to join him and two others at a rented photography studio to audition four girls from the nearby college who he hoped to use as the game contestants for the prototype he planned to show to the publisher. The girls had answered an ad that Tom had taped up on kiosks all over the university and he learned through preliminary phone calls that none of them had any modeling experience. On the scheduled date, Tom and my friends Erin and Jim met me at the studio and we got things ready for the auditions.

I remember that my heart was pounding as the first girl named Jessica stepped into the room and sat down in the chair across from us. She was a cute brunette wearing a short colorful sundress that showed off her sexy body. As we talked with her about the software game concept and the kinds of pictures that we would need from each of the girls who would be featured in the games, we could tell that she was getting a bit nervous about what might lay ahead for her in this audition session, and so Erin took some time with her to calm her nerves while I joined the two other guys in the adjacent studio to test the lights and arrange the props for the test shoot. I think that Jessica was comforted by the fact that there would be another woman in the studio during the audition.

When Jessica was ready, she entered the studio and took her position on a white fur rug. We started with some easy poses to help her to build up some confidence, and then we began to stage a simulated game of strip poker so that we could capture each stage in the game in which she was required to forfeit articles of clothing. Once she had taken off her sandals, I think she was wishing that she had worn a separate skirt and top rather than the one-piece sundress. She seemed to be apprehensive when it came time to pull her dress over her head, and we all knew why when we saw the thin lacy bra and panties that were the only things left to cover her feminine charms.

After a few more poses, these two lacy items were soon on the floor next to her dress, and for the next 30 minutes, I was mesmerized as I watched the most beautiful woman I had ever seen moving around the room completely naked. Her skin was flawless and I could not keep my eyes off of her gorgeous breasts, her soft round bottom and the thin tuft of hair between her lovely legs. By the end of the session, Jessica's initial trepidation seemed to have largely evaporated, and she seemed to be more comfortable posing nude in front of our cameras. I would have liked to keep suggesting new poses all day, but I knew that we had more audition appointments to keep.

We had two other girls confirmed on the interview and audition schedule that afternoon since we wanted to get the most value from the rented studio space, and they were both as beautiful as Jessica had been. I really think that my favorite moments were those times between posed shots in which the girls would stand and wait for us to re-arrange pillows and other items on the fur rug or wait for us to put them into different positions. At times during the simulated game sequence, they seemed to be self-conscious about being partially or completely nude and they would tend to cover their breasts between shots. As the sessions went on, though, they became much more relaxed and seemed to enjoy showing off their considerable feminine charms to a group of very appreciative admirers.

We had originally planned to have four models do test shoots that afternoon, but I learned that one girl had some second thoughts about posing and had called Tom the night before to cancel her appointment. I was disappointed when Tom shared the news, but I was soon to get the happiest surprise. Apparently Tom had contacted Jim and Erin when he heard the news and, after some serious soul searching, Erin had agreed to fill the spot since we needed four different players for the game prototype.

I had known Erin for several years in college and like just about every guy at school, I had often fantasized about seeing her naked. I never dreamed it would ever really happen, but here she was playing a game of strip poker right in front of her boyfriend and two other good friends. When the time came for Erin to slip off her panties and stand before us without a stitch of clothing, the room was completely silent except for the pounding of our hearts. She was as beautiful as I dreamed she would be. She put on a brave front as she went through the series of poses like the other girls had done earlier in the day, but I know it took a lot of courage for her to strip naked in front of her good friends. We got together for dinner a few days later after the pictures were developed and printed, and I think that Erin was extremely proud of her first modeling session as she studied the photos.

In the end, our friend was never able to get enough investors to make the project viable, and so any thoughts I might have had about repeating this exciting adventure with beautiful naked ladies every weekend never materialized. Still, I am left with some vivid memories of that one afternoon many years ago and I still can't believe I was lucky enough to be an observer in the studio. Every once in a while I will pull out those old test photos and wonder what happened to the three courageous college girls who stepped into my life for a brief moment and enchanted me with their pretty smiles and their beautiful bodies. Now that I have discovered DOMAI, I realize that I have the opportunity to wait for each new set of photos with the same feelings of anticipation and exhilaration that I enjoyed in that studio. Thanks for your wonderful site!


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