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Since I saw only a few letters from girls I thought maybe you would find another girl's point of view interesting.

Ever since college the 5 of us (3 girls and two guys) have gotten together once a month for dinner. After the meal we adjourn to someone's flat for wine and conversation. Last month we went to Vincent's apartment. He is quite the amateur photographer and has pictures he has taken from floor to ceiling on every wall. I think they are quite good and he has won some awards. Every time we go to Vincent's the pictures are different. And no one is surprised when several new nudes show up.

This night we all were sitting around the fireplace, cheery fire, good wine and great conversation, that is all accept Peter. He was trying unsuccessfully not to stare at adjoining wall. Finally he got up walled to the wall and retrieved a picture. Returning to the group he held it next to Stacy's head.

The photograph was of very pretty young woman walking among some trees, which were in fall colors. Not remarkable except that the girl was totally nude. I was an art student and I looked at color composition and framing all before I realized that the pretty girl in the photo was Stacy. I took the picture to get a better look, Stacy was absolutely radiant, beaming, and was obviously very happy.

As you can imagine the conversation centered on Stacy for the next half an hour. I remember asking, if she didn't feel embarrassed having us find her picture. No she said that Vincent had called and asks her if he could hang a few for tonight. "A few" there were more? Vincent said there were four in total and the treasury hunt was on. I'm not going to describe each one except to say they were all in different locations and Stacy seem very pleased with having us see them. She said she was very "comfortable " with her body and nudity was no big deal.

It took Peter all of 3 second's to challenge her, by saying if you're so comfortable why don't you get naked. I was about to come to Stacy's defense, when Vincent suggested a short fireside session.

I have to admit that I was surprised by Stacy's agreement. While Vincent went to retrieve is camera(s), Stacy stripped!

As Vincent started to set up Stacy suggested that Sue Ann and I join her. Sue Ann's reaction was predictable "NO WAY' "I'm not doing pornography with another girl" Even with Vincent's assurance that no sexual pictures would be taken, Sue Ann was steadfast in her decision.

I on the other hand was more than a little curious. I didn't think I looked like a movie star but my body wasn't half bad and was kind of proud of the way I looked. But posing for Nude photos, not only had I never done I have never even thought about doing it. Stacy pleaded and everyone else applauded. She, pulled me to my feet, I finished the glass of wine (for courage) and agreed after Vincent promised no one would see them with my approval. I was very self-conscious undressing in front of two guys even if they were old friends and I may have chickened out if Stacy hadn't been there. Standing there waiting for Vincent to set up I had to fight the urge to run to the bath room or at least cover up.

Strangely as we started to pose and follow Vincent's instructions all these feeling disappeared. We posed together for a while and then while I took a break Stacy posed alone. When it was my turn and Vincent had me pose in many of the same positions Stacy posed in. after an hour I was really tried, I thought posing for pictures would be easy, but it's a lot of work. Arch your back, hold your breath, point your toes and of course "Smile", were just some of the things I had to be reminded to do.

As Vincent connected his camera to the computer and the computer to a BIG screen TV, I got dressed. Stacy on the other hand remained naked.

This is where the biggest surprise of the evening came up.

I don't know if it was the huge screen or what, but when the pictures appeared on the screen it wasn't me up there. Or at least it wasn't the me I saw in the bathroom mirror every morning. I looked different, This person was radiant, confident and obviously having a good time. I had never seen myself this way before. I had always considered Stacy to be much prettier than I. But up on that screen I was just as pretty.

Vincent must have seen my puzzlement, he said, That's the real you Lisa, That's how others see you. With that he "zoomed" in on my face until you could not tell I was nude. The beauty and confidence were still there, clothes or no clothes. I stayed a while after Peter and Sue Ann left. The three of us went thru the pictures again and Vincent printed a few for me. Two of which I framed and hung in my bedroom.

He took us to your Domai web page. First of all it is a beautiful site, the girls are all pretty and the photography is excellent. It would be nice to know what cities the outdoor picture were taken in, Second, My complements on the respect and appreciation you show for the models and women in general.

I also saw where Vincent had gotten some poses he put us through!

Mr. Stobblehouse. I hope you find this letter worthy of your web site: I would like to should it printed on Domai to Peter, Sue Ann and several other girls.

Sincerely Yours


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