As usual, these are samples from the new member's galleries since the last newsletter.
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donata-1-3080 donata-1-3094 donata-1-3109
elela-2-8860 elela-2-8892 elela-2-8896
elisabetta-2-8146 elisabetta-2-8169 elisabetta-2-8178
elisabetta-2-8256 elisabetta-2-8262 galya-1-4944
galya-1-4981 galya-1-5060 galya-1-5122
gisela-1-8361 gisela-1-8408 gisela-1-8517
jubia-1-4882 jubia-1-4938 jubia-1-4988
katyaclover-1-1915 katyaclover-1-1965 katyaclover-1-1993
katyaclover-1-2030 katyaclover-1-2079 katyaclover-1-2093
laura-4-084856 laura-4-084909 laura-4-084959
linnda-2-0576 linnda-2-0583 linnda-2-0601
linnda-2-4038 lucynova-5-411 lucynova-5-473
lucynova-5-493 maja-1-8144 maja-1-8186
mari-ann-7-54 mari-ann-7-78b mariah-12-091
mariah-12-098 mariah-12-099 nalla-2-4154
nalla-2-4157 nalla-2-4173 nalla-2-4209
nalla-2-4222 nalla-2-4236 nalla-2-4263
nalla-2-4282 nasrin-3-0049 nasrin-3-0063
nasrin-3-0064 nasrin-3-0077 natalya-5-4243
natalya-5-4315 oletta-2-038 oletta-2-104
oletta-2-126 sabinna-1-6392 sabinna-1-6465
sabinna-1-6472 sabinna-1-6523 sascha-15-002
sascha-15-016 sascha-15-076 taneka-4-2261
taneka-4-2560 taneka-4-2569 tanka-2-0813
tanka-2-0881 tanka-2-0976 tanka-2-0981
tanka-2-0982 tanka-2-0986

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