As usual, these are samples from the new member's galleries since the last newsletter.
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alexm-1-043 amila-3-5747 amila-3-5752
amila-3-5761 amila-3-5780 amila-3-5801
andreka-1-9185 andreka-1-9232 andreka-1-9241
anoush-1-053 anoush-1-075 clelia-6-2382
clelia-6-2396 clelia-6-2429 gina-1-5028
gina-1-5031 gina-1-5086 indi-9-2240
indi-9-2269 indi-9-2283 indi-9-2319
jules-6-8518 jules-6-8554 jules-6-8582
jules-6-8696 kaz-3-0762 kaz-3-0924
kaz-3-0942 ksussa-4-8246 ksussa-4-8250
ksussa-4-8254 ksussa-4-8274 liina-4-7831-1
liina-4-7831 liina-4-7835 liina-4-7901
liligail-2-3443 liligail-2-3476 liligail-2-3481
liligail-2-3495 liligail-2-3502 lola-l-4-2120
lola-l-4-2281 mashana-4-5994 mashana-4-5997
mashana-4-6023 mira-7-036 mira-7-046
mira-7-089 nicolina-10-0031 nicolina-10-0056
nicolina-10-0057 nicolina-10-0058 oldora-4-3830
penelopa-3-1245 penelopa-3-1268 penelopa-3-1317
penelopa-3-1397 samanti-1-0052 samanti-1-0127
samanti-1-0132 sarka-5-5438 sarka-5-5456
sarka-5-5515 sativa-11-6659 sofii-5-2344
sofii-5-2676 sofii-5-4804 valeri-3-2746
valeri-3-2786 valeri-3-2816

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