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Jennifer: "Make love to me."
Matthew: "I'm twenty years older than you."
Jennifer: "Twenty-eight."

"Blame it on Rio" is a cute and funny film which manages to be a wish-fulfilment fantasy for middle-aged men, and tell a good story at the same time.

Michael Cane is perfect as the man in a doubful marriage, who is hit on suddenly by his best friend's daughter, Jennifer, played by the voluptous and pretty Michelle Johnson.

Of course that is a doubtful proposition, since he is over twice her age (Michelle was only eighteen when she played this), and since he is vacationing not only with her, but with her father, who is his best friend, and with his own daughter, who is her best friend!

The story is funny and entertaining, and Jennifer is dead sexy. I find it hard to imagine resisting if she threw herself at you.

It must be said that beautiful Demi Moore is underused as Nikki, the best friend. Especially in the underdressed scenes, too little of that. I suspect she was having ego problems against Michelle's bigger bosom. This would explain why she later got a boob job, as seen in (the underrated) Striptease. Very dumb move, in my opinion. She was perfect.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Go buy this film on DVD. Or on video.

Favorite quote:
Matthew: "Kiss you? I ought to spank you!"
Jennifer: "Oh, please, and bite me too."

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The fathers are rather mortified, when after turning their heads after all the topless Rio beach girls, they find out that their daughters take up the local customs. This is Jennifer, played by Michelle Johnson, and Nikki, played by Demi Moore.

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Jennifer makes her wishes clear to Matthew.

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Jennifer makes a Polaroid self-portrait for her beloved.

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