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"Perhaps it is just as well. I mean, he does have great fashion sense; what would I bring to the relationship?" -- Cher, Clueless

nude photosClueless (1995) is one of the funniest teenage comedies I have seen, and beyond that it is unique in many ways. Don't think for a moment that because you have seen a couple of teen comedies you know all about this film.

For one thing, and above all, Alicia Silverstone is priceless as Cher. ("My girlfriend Dion and I are both named after great singers from the past who now do infomercials...") Like Nicole Kidman managed in To Die For, Alicia plays a spectacularly shallow person, and manages to do it in a deep and somehow subtle way. Not a mean feat.

I am sorry to say they never managed to squeeze any nudes scenes out of Ms. Silverstone (assuming they wanted to, for admittedly the film works fine without), but nevertheless she delivers a character who is breathtakingly cute and edible.

Alicia is a good actress, and she plays the spoiled blonde bublehead with great skill. So good that you find it hard to believe she can be otherwise, until you see her in other movies.

And she is not the only good thing about this film either. There are many good actors, many good characters, (Stacey Dash as Dion is wonderful) and a lot of really great dialogue, and visually it is just excellent.

That the story works so well too would be little surprise to people who have read the classic novel Emma. Hollywood has made many modern takes on classic stories in recent times, with very mixed results. This is one that works.

This is not director Amy Heckerling's first good film. She made her mark deep with Fast Times At Ridgemont High in the early eighties. With Clueless she surpassed even that fine achievement.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Go buy this film on DVD. Or on video.

Favorite quote:

"Don't tell me those braindead lowlives have been calling again."
"They are your parents."
(The first line is Cher's father, a hard-ass lawyer. He is "being paid 500 dollars an hour to fight with people. But he fights with me for free because I am his daughter.")

The pictures below, lovingly captured on my digital camera off my monitor with the DVD frozen at exact points, show Alicia Silverstone's amazingly lively face. Her lovely features are simply not static for a second. What a girl.
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