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"Have you missed me?"
(L to Humbert Humbert when he picks her up from camp.)

This film is of course mainly known for its very controversial subject matter: that of the love between a middle-aged man and a girl.

We now have two versions on film of Vladimir Nabokov's famous book. They are both really good.

I would say that which one you will like best may depend upon whether you in general like old films better than new films, or vice versa. Personally I prefer the faster and more complex new films, and films from before, oh, around the seventies, tend to bore me. (One exception is Roman Polanski's The Fearless Vampire killers, which is a masterpiece.)

Of course Kubrick's version from sixty-two is very sexless, as times demanded. Even the newer film had to edit out basically all the nudity to get shown in the US at all, and it still took a couple of years before it got shown in theatres. But it is a modern film, and an good one, and actually even better than I would have expected possible from an adaption of the book, which I frankly found a bit boring in large parts.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Go buy the old version on DVD. Or on video.

Go buy the new version on DVD. Or on video.

Favorite quote: "Think about me."
L to Humbert, who is obsessed with her, as she leaves for camp.

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