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"Don't you believe that my wife is anything like those rampant wenches in your paintings. She is completely different, it is like animal and vegetable."

Sirens is a nice Australian, well, comedy you might call it, about one of my favorite themes: the artist struggling against fundamentalist repression.

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The film is made by John Duigan, who also made the excellent (much more serious) film Lawn Dogs, which features Mischa Barton (whose star billing was for some reason given to the adult actress in the film, though she has only a supporting role. Children have no rights) in a brilliant role. Misha will be a star, trust me.

Sirens is about a minister and his wife who travels to a painter's home to try to convince him to remove an "obscene" painting from an exhibition. But in the Australian wilderness, and with nude, cute, and uninhibited girls walking around, things are not so clear anymore.

It has most of everything: A good painter, humor, lightheartedness, a sound message, and Elle MacPherson* nude.

And several other lovely ladies nude too.

What's not to like?

Eolake Stobblehouse

*Two surprises: She is a very good actor. And she is much heavier than you normally see her, she gained quite some weight for this film. I find the slim version somewhat preferable, but she is still lovely, and I admit that the supermodel figure would have seemed unlikely in the Australian outback.

Go buy this film on DVD. Or on video.

Favorite quote: "Which is she, animal or vegetable?"

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