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"I don't need car lessons from a girl."
(Wolverine/Logan, seconds before crashing the car.)

X-Men is the dream come true of old comic book fans (I am one of them). Comic books have universally been very badly adapted for film. And what good ones there were, were DC comics (Superman, Batman), not Marvel comics (Spiderman, X-Men). Those somehow never got off the ground, or were so bad no one noticed.

X-Men is different. It is not just a good comic adaption, it is a really good film. It is almost a given these days that a sufficiently expensive film will look good. And sure it does. But it also have really good acting from most participants, and the story is just excellent.

Not a lot of bare girls in this one, but there is one interesting case: the villain Mystique is basically nude, apart from being blue and sort of scaly (or whatever it is). They show on the DVD how they apply the make-up, and the actress really is stark nude, they just stick strips of this rubber stuff on her, and then spray-paint the rest! The outdoors scenes were a challenge!

All in all, I recommend it, if you like action films with a flavor of the fantastic.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Go buy this film on DVD. Or on video.

Favorite quote: "You actually go out in public in these costumes?"

nude pics
OK, this pic is from the DVD extras, from the make-up room. There are no clear images of Mystique in the film (believe me, I tried finding them!:) But even in dark action scenes, she is still rather fetching.

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