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Deadline is past now, sorry. See the results here.

Domai Art Contest Two
Deadline 28 April 2010

After countless requests, We announce the second Simple Nudes Art Contest. (The first one is here.) It is still our intention to stimulate the art world to celebrate the beauty of woman like it should be celebrated.

Too often when nudity enters art, it becomes either all about sexuality, or it acquires some other weird characteristics to achieve "shock value". We feel that art is first and last about beauty, so what better subject for it than the most beautiful creation there is: woman.

I am judging the contest personally (and subjectively!), and I look forward to seeing what you can do.
(Artists who likes comics can also look at my site strip-strip.)

Please read the rules carefully!

Eolake Stobblehouse
founder and art editor (contact)


  1. Three first prizes: US $500 (five hundred) cash each to three people
  2. The art should be painting or drawing, and can be made with any tools, digital or physical. Manipulated photos are not eligible, and neither is art made with 3D tools (like Poser).
  3. Subject must be female nudes.
  4. No text allowed on the image, excepting a small signature.
  5. It must be sent by email in JPEG or GIF format, in a size between 1200 pixels and 2500 pixels on the longest side. File size max 1000kb.
  6. Please put your name (or nick) in the file name (bob-jones1.jpg). This is essential. (We also recommend having a site or blog under that name so people can find you.)
  7. Each contestant may enter one work.
  8. Deadline is 28 April 2010.
  9. Results will be announced in early May.
  10. The prize may be converted to a 8-year Domai membership if desired.
  11. Entry is free, and anybody can enter (you don't have to be a member).
  12. Entrants are granting Domai the rights to publication on the site. Beyond this, you keep all rights.
  13. Obviously the work must be your own. Plagiarism, including close likeness to any photo (except your own work), will disqualify.
  14. The work may not earlier have won any contest, or have been published for money.
  15. Judgement is subjective, and final.